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For over forty years minipack®-torre has been one of the most internationally appreciated food packaging machine manufacturers, thanks to a full product range, high-quality partnerships and a continuous inclination for innovation. In this article we present the most popular food packaging machines and all the advantages of the minipack® brand.
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Minipack®-torre proposes a complete range of food packaging machines, which combines historical shrink wrapping machines, vacuum packaging machines in both manual and automatic models, flow pack machines and bagging machines.


Minipack®-torre: cutting-edge food packaging machines manufacturer

Minipack®-torre has built its success on some key pillars that still make it one of the most reliable food packaging machines manufacturers in the world today:

  1. Internal construction: all food packaging machines are built and assembled in place, offering all the quality and design advantages of Made in Italy
  2. Constant innovation: the company dedicates an entire department to research & development, developing continuous innovations to better meet customer needs
  3. High-level partnerships: such as with Schneider Electric, which provides high-quality electronic components for our packaging machines
  4. EU Certifications: all our food packaging machines are certified according to European standards, among the most stringent in the world.

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All minipack®-torre food packaging machines

Minipack®-torre manufactures food packaging machines dedicated to every sector in the world of food, offering solutions for shrink, vacuum, flow pack and bagging packaging.

Let us go into detail:

  • For the shrink wrapping sector we build automatic, semiautomatic and manual models.

Pratika 56 MPE Reverse Inox is an automatic packaging machine that combines stainless steel hygiene with the practicality of the double hatch, allowing you to operate on both sides of the machine. The machine is also available with a "Centre Sealing" device, adjustable as needed. Combined with a shrink tunnel such as 50 Twin Inox, the machine allows you to make impeccable shrink film packages.

Modular 50S Inox is a semi-automatic angular packaging machine with a stainless steel structure that makes it ideal for food packaging. At the same time, compactness and limited investment make it a perfect choice for medium and small businesses. For shrink wrapping it is possible to combine the machine with the 50 shrink tunnel.

Synthesis Inox is a manual machine that brings together over 20 years of experience in the construction of food packaging equipment. Reliable, high-performance, it guarantees uniform and flawless packaging due to a constant chamber temperature, which avoids overheating. Hygiene is guaranteed by the stainless steel construction and the absence of engines, fans and felt on the bottom of the hood.


  • For the vacuum sector we offer our industry-leading range of products:

Food packaging machines for industrial packaging: for large food processing laboratories there are automatic vacuum packaging machines, designed to pack a large number of pieces at a high speed. The SWING LTD series guarantees high performance thanks to the sliding closure of the packaging chamber. Almost all the machines in the series are made of stainless steel.



  • For the flow pack sector we grant the most compact as well as efficient machines on the market:

Miniflow 600 is our most complete, horizontal flow pack machine. It is designed to easily and perfectly pack high-quality product, combining processes optimizazion and a high level of performances. Particularly appreciated for the packaging of brioches, cakes, medicines, candies, chocolates and chocolate, Miniflow 600 reaches 120 packages per minute.


  • For the bagging sector, you can choose our vertical packaging machines:

X-BAG Evo is the right choice if you need to bag small quantities of products in hermetic packages, often changing their format and the type of film. X-BAG is in fact simple to use, to clean, to mantain, to install and to place: it's so compact and small, that you can place it everywhere.






If you are looking for a reliable food packaging machine manufacturer, minipack® torre is ready to meet all your needs.


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