Ice cream packaging machines: how to achieve competitive results

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When packaging ice cream, you must have full control of many essential aspects: the integrity of the product, the practicality of the packaging, the aesthetics and the resistance at freezing temperatures. Among the packaging systems, flow packs are the most suitable: let’s see their characteristics and the advantages they offer as impulse ice cream packaging machines.
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Ice cream is a product with very particular requirements. On the one hand, it is a food that deteriorates quickly as soon as its ideal storage temperature is changed. On the other hand, it is one of those products that focuses heavily on personalising the packaging.

Here we focus on “impulse” ice cream, namely, those products sold in the supermarket in unique packages in boxes. Which characteristics must impulse ice cream packs have?


Speed, practicality and aesthetics

The greatest challenge of impulse ice cream and popsicle packaging is product integrity. It must be packed quickly and with minimal heat during the sealing stage so as not to trigger the thawing process. Even slight melting, in fact, can make the product not sellable.

At the same time, the ice cream packaging must be:

  • practical, that is, lightweight and easy to open
  • resistant and suitable for storage at freezing temperatures
  • pleasant to look at, because in the food sector, an attractive package can convince the consumer and guide their purchase.

Is there a packaging machine that can fulfil all these requirements? Yes, it is called flow pack.


Flow packs are the best ice cream packaging machines

Flow packs are the ideal packaging machines for ice cream cones, on sticks and biscuits. They create a package in the shape of a “pad”, with 3 seals: two horizontal and one vertical, at the centre. Their greatest advantage is versatility: you can package products of very different sizes, with a wide variety of film. Furthermore, you can mount them directly in line to customise the packaging as soon as it is ready.

The minipack-torre range includes 3 different models of flow pack machines:


  • MiniFlow 380, which works at a rate of 80 packs per minute for products of up to 160 mm;


  • MiniFlow 400, which can produce up to 100 packs per minute for products of up to 180 mm;


  • MiniFlow 600, the largest and most efficient, with a rate of 120 packs per minute (up to 600 mm).



Depending on your type of business and production rate, you will find that one is more practical than the other.


If you are not sure which ice cream packaging machine is most suitable for your business, write to us: our sales department is always at your disposal.


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