Packing machines: the solutions for various sectors

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For each market sector, there is the right packing machine, designed to meet specific requirements: speed, hygiene, energy saving, and more. Today we deal with our target sectors and the packing machines suitable for each.
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Over the years, the minipack®-torre offering has been increasingly expanded, now including packing machines designed for the various market sectors. We provide an overview of the various applications, to look at which machines are the most suitable for each sector.

Food wrapping machines

Wrapping machines intended for the food industry are designed so that:

  1. Cleaning the machine is quick and easy;
  2. The packaging is perfectly sealed;
  3. The finished packages are aesthetically pleasing and highlight the content.

This applies to all sectors of the food industry: for Mass Retail, where the focus is more than anything on the appealing appearance of the products on the shelves; for butchery, which requires the maximum level of preservation and hygiene of the product; for baking.

The required packaging machines are both the vacuum and shrink wrapper ones; here are the 3 most recommended machines for the food industry:

STAINLESS STEEL SYNTHESIS. A manual heat shrink wrap machine with chamber, specifically designed for food, owing to the stainless steel structure. It is flexible, able to operate with any material: ideal for pizza, bread, confectionery.


MVS65 XP. Vacuum packaging machine with chamber that provides the option to track the vacuum in the packaging; it is possible to set up issuance of a label that shows the packaging settings, and the display lets you set custom programs based on the food to be packaged.


X-BAG EVO. It is our advanced bagging machine: it quickly bags small quantities of product, in hermetically sealed packaging and with different types of films. Also perfect for foods in granular form.


Machines for catering

The packaging machines used by the Ho.Re.Ca sector are mainly the vacuum packaging ones: in the large kitchens of restaurants, hotels and international chefs, the work pace requires the food to be perfectly preserved and, in some cases, cooked by following special procedures such as sous-vide.

The most popular with our Ho.Re.Ca customers are the tabletop machines with chamber (X and XP lines), the ones with carriage and double tank and the traversing chamber SWING machines: MVS45 X (tabletop with chamber) is the most popular thanks to its simple but hi-tech operation, with an adhesive touch screen keypad specifically designed to prevent liquids from entering the board.


However the wrapping machine which encapsulates the attention lavished by minipack®-torre to the catering industry is MINI COOK 15: a roner designed for professional use, to cook and regenerate at low temperatures and with all the advantages of vacuum.

Machine for industry

Speed, efficiency, energy savings, high number of pieces per minute: these are the needs of the industrial sector. The machines for industrial packing perfectly summarise these features; they allow you to pack any product, of any size, relieving operators of the heaviest jobs thanks to semi-automatic and automatic operation.

The machine that encompasses all of minipack®-torre’s experience is PRATIKA 56-T MPS: a continuous sealing automatic heat shrink wrap machine, able to overcome any limits of length (up to 400 mm width x 240 mm height) and speed (up to 3600 pieces per hour). In addition to the continuous sealing system, the strong points are the Centre Sealing device, the Schneider Electric Brushless servomotor and the control logic managed by Schneider Electric PLC.

Machine for the textile industry

Dry cleaners, hotels, spas, linen rental companies are the ideal customers of our machines for packaging textile products – clothes, sheets, tissues, towels, tablecloths and napkins, etc. The demands of the sector are mainly packing speed and fast format changes.

Heat shrink wrap machines are the most suitable; the most representative is MEDIA STEEL IT , which is characterised by:

  • Single-unit structure with integrated heat-shrink tunnel
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Electronically adjusted sealing time
  • No fumes
  • Option to heat-shrink or simply seal the packaging.



Machines for the pharmaceutical industry

The machines for packaging pharmaceutical products assure utmost compliance with health and hygiene standards. Pharmaceutical products are the most critical to pack and to preserve; for this reason, the packing machines are preferably constructed in stainless steel, resistant to rust and corrosion and an obstacle to bacterial proliferation. Even better if coated with a layer of Steel IT, the specific coating for metals that acts as an additional anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion protective barrier.

Two minipack®-torre machines are most commonly sold in the pharmaceutical industry:

MODULAR 50S paired to the TUNNEL 50 TWIN STAINLESS STEEL, a semi-automatic heat shrink wrap machine that assures speed, aesthetic perfection and all the reliability of stainless steel. It packs products at high rates, obtaining a safe and aesthetically perfect packaging.


PRATIKA 56 MPE REVERSE STAINLESS STEEL, automatic steel heat shrink wrap machine, with a double hatch that enables processing in both directions; fast, flexible, efficient (4.0 compliant): saves time and resources.



Would you like to discover all the machines designed for the various sectors of the market? Visit the section describing the application sectors!

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