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The best solution for packaging chocolate is a flow pack machine: it is fast, versatile and, in the case of our MiniFlow, completely electronic.
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Chocolate packaging poses a fundamental problem, that of temperature: it is a common experience that chocolate melts even at low temperatures, simply holding it in your hands. The packaging machine must, therefore, be very quick so that the heat of the sealing oven does not affect the product’s integrity.

This is why a flow pack is the ideal choice.


Chocolate packaging: why are flow pack machines the most suitable?

The chocolate bars, even some types of chocolates and chocolate-covered snacks, are packaged with flow pack type machines: only the flow pack creates “cushion” shaped packages, aesthetically flawless and resistant. In addition, they allow a much wider variety of film to be used than other packaging machines: BOPP, polypropylene, polyethylene, shrink film (simple or combined with different ones, such as aluminium), OPA laminates, etc. Therefore, there are several possibilities for customising the packaging.

The speed of the packaging process is another point in favour of the flow pack machines; the products to be packaged are placed inside the tube-shaped, longitudinally sealed film, then transversal sealing is performed very quickly to create the individual product packages. In this way, chocolate does not have time to melt, not even on the outside, and comes out of the packaging machine in perfect condition.


MiniFlow minipack®-torre machines for chocolate packaging

The minipack®-torre range includes two flow pack machines that offer excellent chocolate packaging performance: MiniFlow 380 and MiniFlow 600. They are both totally electronic (with 7” Touch Screen control panel) and designed to make format changes, cleaning and maintenance as simple as possible. Compared to the flow packs on the market, our MiniFlow machines are smaller and more compact: they take up less space and make chocolate packaging easier, even for small-mid-sized companies.

Here the technical features in brief.


MiniFlow 380

  • 3 Brushless motors
  • Integrated temperature regulators
  • Adjustable side guides
  • Plastic conveyor flights suitable for contact with food
  • Crumb-collector casing
  • Packages products 160 mm maximum
  • Can reach 80 packages per minute


MiniFlow 600

  • 3 Brushless motors
  • Easy Inspection system, for the maintenance and cleaning of the infeed unit
  • Photocell for centring the printed film
  • Safety casing
  • Crum collector drawers
  • No product No bag photocell to detect the product and not create empty bags
  • Packages products 600 mm maximum
  • Can reach 120 packages per minute


For a more complete overview of the chocolate packaging possibilities of MiniFlow, take a look at the dedicated section: you will find detailed product data sheets!


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