The most suitable machines for cosmetic packaging solutions

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Packaging of cosmetic solutions are carried out in two steps: primary and secondary packaging. For the second, specific packaging machines are indispensable, capable of creating hygienic, safe, resistant and reliable packaging over time. Let's find out which packaging method is the most suitable and why.
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Cosmetic packaging and make-up is one of the widest and most varied sectors within them. On the shelves of the shops you can find cosmetics in all kinds of formats: bottles, flasks, jars, tubes, sticks, envelopes, soaps, trousseaus, bottles, eyedropper, air-less, pencils, etc..

Each one is contained in a primary packaging, which is created directly on the production line; its function is to contain or group the cosmetic. Then there is the secondary packaging, which serves to protect the cosmetic from contact with the outside. We then talk about filling and then packaging of cosmetic solutions.

For secondary packaging, specific packaging machines must be used. What are they? And what requirements do they meet?


Secondary packaging requirements for cosmetics

The secondary packaging has 3 purposes:

  • prevent cosmetic packaging from opening during transport
  • maintaining hygiene and safety at the highest level
  • preserve the properties of the product for longer.

Different solutions can be used to achieve these results, but the most suitable is almost always packaging with heat-shrink film. The heat-shrink film is very resistant and adheres perfectly to the product, guaranteeing airtight closure, hygiene and storage.

In addition, being soft, brilliant, transparent and enveloping, polyolefin leaves the product clearly visible and enhances its characteristics.


The packaging of cosmetic solutions with shrinkwrappers

For the packaging of cosmetic solutions, minipack-torre offers you its range of shrinkwrappers. Depending on the volume of production, pace and space available, you can choose between:

  • manual (bell or corner)
  • semiautomatic (bell or corner)
  • automatic (L-sealing or continuous).

Some machines have an integrated tunnel, while others perform sealing and must be combined with a retraction tunnel.


Replay 55C EVO:

  • wheeled automatic shrinkwrapper
  • PLC interface
  • packaging plate 540x390 mm


New Media:

  • semiautomatic packaging machine
  • L-sealing
  • integrated tunnel
  • 540x400 mm packaging plate


Pratika 55 Smart:

  • automatic packaging machine
  • L-sealing
  • integrated tunnel


Two special cases

Although shrink wrappers are perfect for the packaging of 99% of cosmetic solutions, there are two particular cases that require a different type of packaging: soaps and products sold to stores in multipacks. In these two cases, the most suitable machines are the shrinkwrappers and the flow pack.


To wrap the soaps in single packs, with two horizontal and one longitudinal seal, flow packs are ideal. They are fast, versatile, compact and have an excellent technological content.

MiniFlow 400:

  • fully electronic flow pack packaging machine
  • 3 Brushless motors
  • it can reach 100 packages per minute

Depending on the product format, two different models may also be indicated: MiniFlow 300 anf MiniFlow 380.

Multipack packs for shops

For the transport and distribution of multipack cosmetics in shops, the most efficient solution is a shrinkwrapper like our MS 70-1E SEP. It is an automatic packaging machine with the infeed belt arranged at 90 degrees, 1 lane; it is able to create multiple packs from single elements, automatically performing the grouping.


Are you not sure which machine is best suited to packaging your cosmetic solutions? Write us: our sales office will provide you with the support you need for the wise choice of your next packaging machine.



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