Automatic heat-shrink - PLC interface - - Packaging plate 840x590 mm

FC77A main

FC77A PLC: the technological summation of the chamber machines by minipack®-torre

FC77A, fitted with a PLC, is the result of the more than 30 years of experience of minipack®-torre in the heat-shrink film packaging field. It combines the proven technical performance of a constantly evolving range with the electronics of a highly reliable latest-generation product, guaranteed by a very special partner and a new setup for the user interface with a touch-screen control panel that allows for a more user-friendly and optimal control over the various functions.

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  • New technical features
    • Graphic touch-screen control panel with:
      • Intuitive menu with 10 user-friendly programs that can be preset
      • Menu in 8 languages (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Russian)
      • USB port for any software updates
      • Standard Schneider Electric PLC control logic with widespread assistance
    • Option of having an ‘Automatic’ work cycle (press the start button cycles performed in sequence, interrupted by the programmed pause interval) and a ‘Manual’ work cycle (press the start button to perform one packaging cycle) 
    • Wire product evacuation mesh belt
    • Shrink fan stop 
    • Standard sealing bar cooling: optimal sealing 
    • Adjustable chamber opening according to the product height: reduced loss of hot air and resulting energy savings, higher production speed 
    • Innovative upper hood fastening: simplified maintenance and enhanced stability 
    • Sealing blades safety control: enhanced machine safety 
    • Support with larger reel diameter (to 300 mm): suitable for micro-punched film to pack bread 
    • Packaging plate separated from the reel support: suitable to package even very small products with the same film reel 
    • Larger packaging plate: in a size suitable to the heat-shrink chamber 
    • Innovative micro-perforator: continuous and optimal perforation 
    • Chamber opening blade protection 
    • Boosted fan motor: superior shrinking performance 
    • Added safety thermostat installed directly on the resistor of the heat chamber: greater safety for the machine 
    • Glue-less neoprene rubber support: easy to replace, does not require the use of glue.

technical features

Electrical power supplyV200/208/230/400
MAX power installedkW6
Hourly outputp/h (pph)0-350
Dimensions of sealing barsmm840x590
MAX Reel Dimensions (diameter)mm300
MAX Reel Strip Dimensions (width)mm800
Work surface heightmm940
Machine dimensions with the lid openmm3120x1000x h.1480
Machine dimensions with the lid closedmm3120x1000x h.1180
Machine weight (Net/Gross)kg286/338

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