The most compact flow wrapping machine

Packaging machine flowpack



The Miniflow 300 is the most compact solution for the “Flow-Pack” in the Minipack-Torre range.
Designed to simplify maintenance and cleaning operations for the customer as much as possible.

Thanks to the 3 high-performance stepper motors and its 7” Touch-Screen panel, it will guarantee maximum versatility with format changes and therefore extreme simplicity in packaging operations.

It can operate with a strip reel, max 300 mm, and can reach 25 packages per minute.

The Miniflow 300 packaging machine, equipped with a standard product unloading chute, can also be fitted with many other optional features, depending on the use and the products to be packaged, allowing for maximum customisation.

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technical features

Power supplyV220
Electrical powerkW1
Hourly productionp/h (pph)max 2400
Sealing Barmm140
MAX product weightgr150
MAX product heightmm50
MAX product lengthmm200
Reel Diameter MAX Dimensionsmmdiam 200
MAX Reel Strip Dimensionsmmmax 300 mm
Machine dimensionsmm1000 x 800 x H850
Machine weightkg100

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