Sealpro 50 PLC

ATM tray sealer - max tray dimensions 380x270x120 mm

Sealpro 50 PLC

Sealpro 50 PLC

The Sealpro 50 PLC is the evolution of the Sealpro 50 heat sealer, equipped with a state-of-the-art multilingual PLC and a 4.3" color touchscreen panel.
In addition to the standard USB port which allows for program management and download of production programs, as well as the loading of any updates, it is also possible to request the installation of a photocell for printed film and a connection for remote assistance. Like our entire range, the machine is extremely easy to use even for operators without specific technical skills.
Furthermore, the quick mold change system allows for format changes in just a few minutes and with minimal effort, thanks to special guides

Available upon request:
• Touch screen PLC
• Printed film photocell
• Remote assistance kit
• Mold for 1 tray
• Mold for 2 trays
• Mold for 3 trays
• Mold for 4 trays
• Mold for 5 trays
• Mold for 6 trays
• Universal sealing plate
• Skin mold on cardboard 1 imprint (h. 45mm)
• Skin mold on cardboard 2 imprints (h. 45mm)
• Automatic trim winder standard or with rubberized roller
• Tray skin
• 10mm over skin on tray
• 40mm over skin on cardboard
• Automatic drawer opening closure
• Special voltage supplement
• Internal silent compressor

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technical features

Power supply230V/400V - 50hz
Maximum installed power2,5kW
Production capacityup to 5 cycles per minute
Maximum tray size380x270x120mm
Max roll width420mm - skin 450mm
Vacuum pump20-40-60 m3/h
Number of storable programs100
Color touch screenYes
Customizable moldYes
Rapid mold changeYes
Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)Yes
Vacuum sensorYes
Machine dimensions810x550x1350mm

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