minipack®-torre manufactures packaging machines that meet the needs of various product sectors by offering various solutions for your business.

Liquid packaging machines: perfect infusions and marinades

Liquid packaging machines can become very versatile machines, also allowing special preparations to be made, such as infusions or marinades. minipack®-torre has developed a model specifically dedicated to the catering sector. This is MX 2: let's take a look.


Which commercial vacuum sealing machine is right for your business?

Choosing the ideal vacuum sealing machine depends on a number of factors that vary from one business to another. That is why it is crucial to understand how to select the best machine according to your needs. Let's find out together how to do it and some models recommended by Minipack-torre experts.


What is meant by secondary packaging?

Secondary packaging is an essential step in the packaging process that follows primary packaging. Read our guide on the topic and discover the best ways to package for your business.


What is an automatic taping machine and why integrate it into your business

In the world of packaging machines, the automatic taping machine is a device that performs an essential function as it applies adhesive tape to packages efficiently and accurately. Discover the minipack®-torre line of taping machines designed to simplify and speed up the packaging process, ensuring a secure, quality closure.


Vacuum machine for food packaging: the whole range

A vacuum machine for food packaging is essential in a variety of situations: at home, in restaurants, grocery stores and delis, as well as in large businesses and even food processing labs. Let's look at the various minipack®-torre models designed for different needs.


The advantages of heat shrink packaging

Heat shrink packaging offers a highly versatile and functional packaging solution that can provide excellent protection for products, improve hygiene and offer many customization options. Read more about this topic in this article.


Flow-pack packaging: quality and customisation

Flow-pack packaging not only distinguishes itself for its great versatility and packaging speed, but also for the possibility to customise packages and obtain unique products. All this is possible with minipack®-torre, take a look at our solutions!

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