minipack®-torre manufactures packaging machines that meet the needs of various product sectors by offering various solutions for your business.

Belt vacuum packaging machines: discover Evac 65

Are you looking for a belt vacuum packaging machine for preserving meat? Minipack®-torre has designed a highly technological and innovative model, perfect for food laboratories that must package large product quantities. Find out all its characteristics.


Dispenser packaging machine: discover the Stretch line

Are you looking for a technological and efficient dispenser packaging machine? The minipack®-torre Stretch line offers reliable and easy-to-use machines, indispensable for delicatessen owners who want to best preserve the freshness of their meals!


Food packaging machine manufacturers: minipack®-torre quality

For over forty years minipack®-torre has been one of the most internationally appreciated food packaging machine manufacturers, thanks to a full product range, high-quality partnerships and a continuous inclination for innovation. In this article we present the most popular food packaging machines and all the advantages of the minipack® brand.


Vegetables packing: how it works and solutions

What tools should be used for properly packaging vegetables? In this article we will find out how to preserve this fresh produce in the best possible way and what are the best technological solutions on the market, such as minipack®-torre packing machines.


Restaurant vacuum sealer: recommended models

A restaurant vacuum sealer is essential to ensure the perfect preservation of food and for certain types of high-level cooking, such as sous-vide cooking. Let's take a look at the best models recommended by minipack®-torre.

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