minipack®-torre manufactures packaging machines that meet the needs of various product sectors by offering various solutions for your business.

How to obtain truly efficient packaging equipment

When managing a company dedicated to product packaging, it is essential to know how to choose the right packaging equipment. The quality of the performance and efficiency of the machinery are only some of the main elements to be considered. How does one make the right choice? Discover the minipack®-torre tips and offers.


Chamber vacuum: which machines to choose for a professional result

Certain chamber vacuum machine models are more suitable than others depending on the type of product you wish to pack and the environment where the product will be placed. Discover the minipack®-torre tabletop and single or double tank trolley packaging machines in the vacuum range.


Meat packaging: solutions for fresh meat

For butchers, supermarkets and delicatessens that sell fresh products, heat-shrink wrapping is the best meat packaging method. This technology is used when meat is sold within a short time and is displayed in the refrigerator cabinets of the shop, where certain aesthetics are required when presenting the product. Discover all the advantages of manual, semi automatic and automatic packaging machines.


Nuts packaging machine: which model do you need?

When dealing with the packaging of nuts, we often tend to consider only vertical packaging machines. However there are other alternatives that are just as practical and effective and have further advantages for the entire production. Discover the strong suits of minipack®-torre vacuum packed models and bagging machines.


Vacuum machine for food packaging: machine for all needs

A vacuum machine for food packaging is essential in different situations: at home, in restaurants, grocery stores and delicatessens, but also in large companies and even food processing laboratories. Let’s take a look at the different minipack®-torre models designed for every type of need.


The secrets of manufacturing minipack®-torre industrial packaging machines

We have been manufacturers of packaging machines for more than fifty years, and over time we have expanded, developed and perfected our range of vacuum, heat-shrinkable, sleeve wrapping, flow pack and bagging machines. Find out about some of our internationally successful best-selling machines and what has made them so competitive in the market.

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