minipack®-torre manufactures packaging machines that meet the needs of various product sectors by offering various solutions for your business.

Machines to package face masks: here are the ones you should use

Packaging face masks is an important and sensitive activity, just as much as manufacturing them: it must be performed in the strictest compliance with health protocols, regulated by each company. For all firms engaged in this activity, here is an explanation of which machines are suitable for packaging face masks and why.


All of Minipack-Torre’s food packaging machines

Minipack-Torre is the leading brand for food packaging machines. Our range includes many different types of packaging machines able to cover any need in the food sector. Here is an overview of all our food packaging machines.


All the secrets about the bakery packaging machine

We recommend 3 different solutions for bakery packaging machines, depending on whether you need to package fresh products, prepare single packages or other. Find them out below, along with some examples of minipack-torre packaging machines. If you are interested, you can book a free packaging test!


Minipack®-torre: Italian automatic packaging machines

If you are looking for the reliability of a Made in Italy packaging machine, discover minipack®-torre: the company in Bergamo that produces Italian automatic packaging machines for more than forty years: each component is produced in-house by our carpentry, each innovation is developed by our research laboratory.


Automatic shrink wrap machine: why choose them

The automatic shrink wrap machines offer the ultimate in terms of performance and functionality, and are the perfect solution for large and mid-sized companies that need a machine to be integrated into the production line.

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