Vacuum-sealed bags

minipack®-torre has a wide range of vacuum-sealed bags made with various layers of non-toxic materials coupled together with polyamide for a stronger barrier effect. They protect the product for a long time, whilst preserving all the organoleptic properties of food.

The vacuum-sealed bags can be:

Embossed: they are generally used with professional and domestic external suction machines, and allow you to preserve and cook food at max 60-70°C. Via the embossing process, the material is shared with a honeycomb design forming a series of small lozenges.

Smooth: used with chamber vacuum sealer with 95-150-200my thickness values, they preserve the food and can be used for both vacuum packaging and packaging under modified atmosphere conditions (ATM). 

Smooth for cooking: extremely resistant and suitable for food. Vacuum-sealed bags are now one of the most popular cooking methods and are also used by renowned chefs. They are employed for cooking food at low temperatures inside bags with seasoning. The food is stored and regenerated at the right time, so that you have can have a product that is ready and as good as just cooked. This way the food is still particularly tender and retains its organoleptic and nutritional properties, which are normally lost during traditional cooking.

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