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For more than 40 years, ours has been a history 100% MADE IN ITALY, starting from our ideas. We believe that to do anything well, you need to follow it from start to end. This is why all minipack®-torre products are designed and made in our plants in Dalmine and Osio Sotto. The passion for out know-how stems from the desire to provide excellent quality, which is the result of constant research, care for detail, strict tests on machines and a degree of reliability for which not just our technology, but each one of us, stands out. The fact of being "MADE IN ITALY" is a distinctive and qualifying element with a remarkable added value for the minipack®-torre brand.

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The Torre family

With his determination, bold courage and extensive work with a creative touch, our father started from scratch, with no money to support his business. His passion for job and the fact he knew he was creating something innovative and unique were the key reasons that drove this company.

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If you need to package products with heat-shrink film, but you’re not sure which is the best machine for you, send us your samples and our technical department will examine the best solution, show you the result by returning the packaged samples or videos made during the tests, with a view of providing a unit service.

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Customer Care

Our pre and after-sales service is a key link in minipack®-torre‘s sales network. This is the corporate department that enables us to preserve a trust relationship with clients.

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Pre and after-sales service

Our pre and after-sales service is a key link in minipack®-torre‘s sales network.

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