Minipack Steel

Minipack®-torre structural steelwork

Since 1998, Minipack®-STEEL is the minipack®-torre structural steelwork department. All the sheet metal components of minipack®-torre machines are manufactured and assembled here.

The department, 100% minipack®-torre property, is located in Osio Sotto, 5 km from the head office. Equipped with the best systems, the company responds to the requirements according to the quality standards of our brand and is specialised in sheet metal processing.

Minipack®-STEEL with its 2000 square-metre factory, 10 workers and almost 300t of sheet metal processed each year, incorporates the most advanced technology for cutting, bending and welding steel, especially stainless steel.

MADE IN ITALY NOT just assemblers, but passionate manufacturers

From the design in our minipack®-LAB to machining and welding at the minipack®-STEEL department, to the assembly in our manufacturing departments, the minipack®-torre branded machines are MADE IN ITALY.

Passion is the real engine of our work.

Since the foundation of the company, there have many development stages and the commitment, enthusiasm, interest in new technological solutions have led to continual improvement and a steady increase in the quality standards of our products. 

From the very first processing stages, we are able to check the requirements of our products. We select the materials processed paying attention to quality and the raw materials we purchase are all accompanied by the CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN OF GOODS.

SYNERGY is OUR KEY WORD A fast and integrated service guaranteed by our departments

Minipack®-STEEL supports and accelerates all prototype machining. The synergy with our research & development department, minipack®-LAB, is of great help in the immediate feedback activities to the planning department.  The flexibility of our minipack®-STEEL structural steelwork site allows us to react quickly to fluctuating market demands and to always be able to respond promptly to the needs of our customers.


All the machinery in the minipack®-STEEL department are made by Trumpf, a German excellence for sheet metal processing machines.

Starting from the metal sheets, the drawings and specifications are translated into the programming language of the two cutting machines, according to the department load and the type of process.

Laser cutting, with automatic loading and unloading, processes iron, stainless steel, aluminium, pre-galvanised and pre-painted sheets up to 15mm thick completely automatically. The absence of burrs is for us a guarantee of the cut quality. 

Cutting, bending, welding
Cutting, bending, welding

The punching machine, also featuring automatic loading and unloading, processes the sheets at full capacity, after programming and assigning the punch taken from the automatic tool magazine.

The cut sheets then go on to the bending stage. The department includes three bending machines of different capacity and width.

The presses installed in the minipack®-STEEL department are equipped with a laser system for the control of the bending angle. The detection of the references, inserted previously, guarantees high machining quality.

The sheets, machined and bent, are finally assembled in the welding cells, equipped with extraction systems and fumes filtering. The welds, with TIG or MIG technology, comply with the design specifications and tolerances, parameters verified by templates designed specifically for each stage.

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