What bottle packaging machine to choose for the water bottle packaging process?

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Do you need a machine that can create multi-product packages for bottles, jars or tins? Discover the efficiency of sleeve wrappers with multi-line divider: we would like to present the minipack-torre®range and the flagship model, R 70 10 V, perfect for bottle packaging.
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The bottle packaging industry involves various actors, with different machinery and equipment. Here we look specifically into plastic or glass bottle packaging, in multipacks.

To make this type of package, the most suitable type of packaging machine is the sleeve wrapper.


Why use a sleeve wrapper for bottle packaging

The sleeve wrapper is the only type of packaging machine that is able to automatically create multipacks. The machine selects the products, places them on the belt, groups them together and then wraps them with film.

In closer detail, this is a polyethylene heat-shrink film: it is thick, strong, tear-proof and wear-proof, specific for heavy yet fragile products such as bottles and jars.

Of the various types of sleeve wrappers, the most suitable for bottle packaging are those with multi-line divider: on these machines loading and creating the multi-product bundle are accelerated, adapting to the handling speed of the products on the production line.


Sleeve wrappers with multi-line divider of the minipack-torre®range

minipack-torre® has developed an entire range of sleeve wrappers with multi-line divider, perfect for bottle packaging. These are the R line packaging machines:

  • completely automatic
  • with sealing bar
  • with PLC and touch screen
  • 6-track multiline divider
  • heat-shrinking tunnel insulated with rock wool and heated with resistors.

Of all models, R 70 10 V guarantees the best performance in packaging jars and bottles.


R 70 10 V, the versatile and efficient bottle sleeve wrapper

Model R 70 10 V is very rich in solutions that simplify and speed up the creation of multipacks, making packaging effective and efficient. The 6-track multi-line divider receives automatically-loaded products (cardboard flaps or trays); plus, the tray former is automatic.


  • 700 mm sealing bar
  • multi-row inline feeder
  • volumetric product sorting system
  • cardboard flap store (up to 600 flaps) located under the machine
  • tray forming and closing unit
  • PLC and touch screen panel for data editing
  • automatic temperature control
  • safety photoelectric cell
  • real time monitoring

R 70 10 V is also convenient in terms of energy: thanks to the included functions and the control PLC, electrical energy consumption is reduced by approximately 40%.



Do you want to see all of the solutions for heat-shrink bottle packaging? Contact our team of experts.


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