Water bottle packaging process: how it works and which solutions to use

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How does the water bottle packaging process work and what is the ideal solution for multi-product packaging? Take a look at the minipack®-Torre sleeve wrappers.
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The water bottle packaging process sector requires the use of professional machines capable of creating sturdy and safe multi-product packaging. In this regard, minipack®-torre offers a wide range of excellent quality and high productivity sleeve wrappers.

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How the water bottle packaging process works

Firstly, let’s examine at how the water bottle packaging process works:

  • As soon as they are placed into the packaging machine, bottles are divided into groups of 4 or 6 bottles each;
  • Each group is wrapped in a heat-shrinkfilm to form the various bundles;
  • Lastly, the handle is applied to facilitate transport of the packages. 


Why a sleeve wrapper is the ideal solution for the water bottle packaging process

The sleevewrapper is the only type of packaging machine able to automatically create multipacks, called “bundles”. 

The procedure is carried out as follows: the machine selects the products, places them on the belt, groups them and lastly wraps them in a special thick and resistant polyethylene film, with anti-tear and anti-wear properties, specific for heavy but fragile products, such as bottles and jars.

Of the various types of sleeve wrappers, the most suitable for bottle packaging are those with multi-line divider: on these machines loading and creating the multi-product bundle are accelerated, adapting to the handling speed of the products on the production line.

A sleeve wrapper therefore enables to create safe and sturdy packages in a shorttime, perfect conditions for those who deal with the water bottle packaging process on an industrial level.


The types of sleeve wrappers for the water bottle packaging process

Minipack®-torre sleeve wrappers are not all the same. First of all, a distinction must be made between automatic and semi-automatic models.

  • Automatic sleevewrappers: they use a motorised belt and are designed for direct infeed into the line. All input/output exchange signals are fully automatic;
  • Semi-automatic sleeve wrappers: they can also be used in manual mode by pressing a special pusher and are equipped with a pneumaticpusher.

In addition to this, minipack®-torre offers sevenlines of sleeve wrappers designed for the water bottle packaging process:

  • MSLine: made up of standardmonoblocmachines, extremely user-friendly and capable of creating single or multi-product packages starting from previously grouped products; 
  • MS L Line: made up of machines set up for directlineinfeed;
  • MS AL Line: made up of sleeve wrappers with twomotorisedbeltsplaced before and after the sealing bar;
  • MS-1 Line: made up of machines capable of grouping individual products through a 90-degree loading belt
  • HS (High Speed) Line: made up of automatic sleeve wrappers which are able to increase the loading and unloading speed via an inverter. This line is perfect for those needing particularly high production rates;
  • R Line: made up of machines equipped with a multilinedivider;
  • WRAPJETline: made up of seamless film machines. This means the film is self-sealing or does not require a sealing bar, resulting in a speed and efficiency increase.


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Some models recommended by minipack®-torre

Let’s take a look at some models for the water bottle packaging process recommended by minipack®-torre:

  • WRAPJET 20: this model wraps the film around the package with an overlap of 5-8 cm below the package, which glues automatically while passing through the heat-shrinking tunnel. This machine operates without a sealing bar, therefore without the need to stop the product on the belt, thus achieving approximately 18/20 bundles per minute. 

See it running here:



  • MS 70 - 1: thanks to the 90° loading belt, this automatic sleeve wrapper enables to group and package different types of small-medium sized products, including bottles, in heat-shrink plastic film. The production capacity of this machine is 12 bundles per minute.

Here it is during the delicate packaging of glass bottles:



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