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Are you interested in deepening all the details of professional packaging? Perhaps with a focus on one of the leading companies in the field? In this category of the Blog, you can find posts and curiosities about the world of professional packaging machines, with suggestions about their use, about the choice of the best machine for your activity, about the processes they perform. Periodically, we will also post updates about the news that involve minipack®-torre, from the launch of new products to the investments and initiatives we plan.

When to install food line bundling machines

Thanks to their ability to create durable and practical multipack packaging, shrinkwrappers are indispensable packaging machines for many food companies. But what are the most performing models? What products can they pack? And what results can they achieve? Let's find out all about the best food line bundling machines.


What are the best coffee bag packaging machine?

Packaging machines are among the most widely used for secondary packaging of coffee. But what are the best on the market? What characteristics must they have? Let's discover it together, in this small guide to coffee bag packaging machine signed minipack-torre.


The most suitable machines for cosmetic packaging solutions

Packaging of cosmetic solutions are carried out in two steps: primary and secondary packaging. For the second, specific packaging machines are indispensable, capable of creating hygienic, safe, resistant and reliable packaging over time. Let's find out which packaging method is the most suitable and why.


Minipack®-torre horizontal packaging machines: range and uses

Together let us look at the complete range of minipack®-torre horizontal packaging machines composed of 4 lines: horizontal flow pack, heat-shrink, sleeve wrappers and bagging machines. Let us see what products they are most suited for and some of the best selling models.


Techniques for packaging of fish and fishery products

Fish products must be packaged with utmost respect for hygiene standards, but not only. Let's find out together what is the best method to create quality packaging, and which are the most suitable packaging machines. Lastly, here's some practical advice.


Liquid packaging machines: perfect infusions and marinades

Liquid packaging machines can become very versatile machines, also allowing special preparations to be made, such as infusions or marinades. minipack®-torre has developed a model specifically dedicated to the catering sector. This is MX 2: let's take a look.


Which are the best food tray packaging machines?

Packaging in trays covered in film is one of the most used for all food products displayed on shelves in shops and supermarkets. The advantages are obvious, but a lot also depends on the packaging machine used: so, which are the best food tray packaging machines?


Ice cream packaging machines: how to achieve competitive results

When packaging ice cream, you must have full control of many essential aspects: the integrity of the product, the practicality of the packaging, the aesthetics and the resistance at freezing temperatures. Among the packaging systems, flow packs are the most suitable: let’s see their characteristics and the advantages they offer as impulse ice cream packaging machines.


Machines to package face masks: here are the ones you should use

Packaging face masks is an important and sensitive activity, just as much as manufacturing them: it must be performed in the strictest compliance with health protocols, regulated by each company. For all firms engaged in this activity, here is an explanation of which machines are suitable for packaging face masks and why.


All of Minipack-Torre’s food packaging machines

Minipack-Torre is the leading brand for food packaging machines. Our range includes many different types of packaging machines able to cover any need in the food sector. Here is an overview of all our food packaging machines.

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