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Are you interested in deepening all the details of professional packaging? Perhaps with a focus on one of the leading companies in the field? In this category of the Blog, you can find posts and curiosities about the world of professional packaging machines, with suggestions about their use, about the choice of the best machine for your activity, about the processes they perform. Periodically, we will also post updates about the news that involve minipack®-torre, from the launch of new products to the investments and initiatives we plan.

Minipack Shrink Film for Professional Packaging

Shrink film serves as a crucial component in professional packaging, providing economic benefits, effective product protection, and visually appealing presentation. Its widespread use across various industries attests to its effectiveness and versatility. Discover Minipack's offerings.


How does industrial cookie packaging work?

The industrial packaging of cookies is a process that ensures the quality, freshness, and presentation of products before they reach consumers. In this article, we will explore the different phases involved in packaging cookies, the types of machines used, and the importance of food safety in this context.


Which Machines to Choose for Pharmaceutical Packaging?

Are there specific conditions and requirements necessary for pharmaceutical packaging? What about special packaging machines? Let's delve into pharmaceutical packaging methods and explore which machines are most suitable for this application.


How to Achieve Truly Efficient Packaging Systems

When managing a company dedicated to product packaging, it is crucial to choose the right packaging systems. The quality of performance and efficiency of machinery are just a few of the key elements to consider. How do you make the right choice? Discover tips and proposals from Minipack.


What Is The Best Shrink Wrapping Machine?

The choice of the perfect shrink wrapping machine depends on the specific needs and requirements of your industry or application. Read our guide and discover some examples from the Minipack range.


Minipack: Italian Automatic Packaging Solutions

If you are seeking the reliability of a Made in Italy packaging machine, discover Minipack, the Bergamo-based company that has been producing Italian automatic packaging machines for over fifty years. Every component is internally manufactured by our metalwork department, and every innovation is conceived by our research laboratory.


Shrink wrap machines for all businesses

Shrink wrap machines are a versatile and indispensable solution for a wide range of businesses, efficiently packaging products and ensuring freshness and integrity. Learn how these machines meet the needs of small businesses and large companies and how they improve production.


Liquid packaging machines: perfect infusions and marinades

Liquid packaging machines are very versatile machines that also allow for special preparations such as infusions or marinating foods. Minipack, thanks in part to collaboration with chefs and mixologists, has developed a model expressly dedicated to the catering industry: the MX 2. Let's find out about it.


Which commercial vacuum sealing machine is right for your business?

Choosing the ideal vacuum sealing machine depends on a number of factors that vary from one business to another. That is why it is crucial to understand how to select the best machine according to your needs. Let's find out together how to do it and some models recommended by Minipack-torre experts.


What is meant by secondary packaging?

Secondary packaging is an essential step in the packaging process that follows primary packaging. Read our guide on the topic and discover the best ways to package for your business.


What is an automatic taping machine and why integrate it into your business

In the world of packaging machines, the automatic taping machine is a device that performs an essential function as it applies adhesive tape to packages efficiently and accurately. Discover the minipack®-torre line of taping machines designed to simplify and speed up the packaging process, ensuring a secure, quality closure.


Vacuum machine for food packaging: the whole range

A vacuum machine for food packaging is essential in a variety of situations: at home, in restaurants, grocery stores and delis, as well as in large businesses and even food processing labs. Let's look at the various minipack®-torre models designed for different needs.

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