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Are you interested in deepening all the details of professional packaging? Perhaps with a focus on one of the leading companies in the field? In this category of the Blog, you can find posts and curiosities about the world of professional packaging machines, with suggestions about their use, about the choice of the best machine for your activity, about the processes they perform. Periodically, we will also post updates about the news that involve minipack®-torre, from the launch of new products to the investments and initiatives we plan.

How to vacuum pack liquids?

What is the fastest and most effective way to vacuum pack liquids? An external suction machine does not work properly because it also draws in the liquid. Hood machines, on the other hand, are ideal.


Fruit packaging machine: which is the most convenient model?

If you own a greengrocers or manage the fruit and veg department in a supermarket, you will most definitely have already experienced the distinctive features of fruit packaging: here are the characteristics and features of fruit and vegetable packaging machines.


Packing machines: the solutions for various sectors

For each market sector, there is the right packing machine, designed to meet specific requirements: speed, hygiene, energy saving, and more. Today we deal with our target sectors and the packing machines suitable for each.


Packaging machines: vacuum, bundle or shrink wrap?

The vacuum required for the food industry and specific industrial sectors, the shrink wrap for aesthetically perfect packaging, bundling machines for multipack and particularly resistant packaging: today we deal with the complete range of minipack®-torre packaging machines and their specific applications.


Heat shrink tunnel: single or integrated models

The minipack®-torre heat shrink tunnel comes in two different forms: single or integrated into the packaging machines. Lets take a look at the features of the tunnels and options to integrate them with the Pratika and Media series machines.

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