Fruit and vegetable packaging: the advantages of heat-shrink wrapping

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The best packaging method of fruit and vegetables is with a heat-shrinking film, that is a protective film that shrinks when it is heated by the packaging machine. In this way the film adheres effectively to the product to be packed.

What are the benefits of heat-shrink packaging? The most immediate benefits are lower costs than other types of packaging and reduced consumption. But do not underestimate the aesthetic reasons, which are particularly important in direct sales of fruit and vegetables to the consumer.

The aesthetic aspect of fruit and vegetable packaging

The most visible advantage of heat-shrink packaging is the possibility of creating aesthetically pleasing packages, ideal to be displayed in a showcase. Aesthetics are counterbalanced by the need for product freshness: the choice of heat-shrink wrapping is particularly suitable when you want to achieve a product that is pleasant to look at, without any particular storage requirements.

The heat-shrink packaging is therefore ideal for trays and packs of fruit and vegetable to be displayed on the counter or stored in refrigerator cabinets. The result is a safe and beautiful product to look at.

Loose or in trays: changing format has never been so easy

Minipack®-torre heat-shrink packaging machines are very versatile because they allow for any type of product to be packed, with attention paid to the packaging dimensions that must be compatible with the machine's functions.

Changing the format is not a problem: you can opt to pack fruit and vegetable without any support, by simply adhering the heat- shrink film to the food, or choosing the trays. In either case, the result is guaranteed.

Minipack®-torre has designed a range of heat-shrink machines for every fruit and vegetable packaging need:

Let’s see the automatic machines in detail, the flagship of minipack®-torre production.

PRATIKA: automatic machines for industrial level packaging

Among all the minipack®-torre heat-shrink packaging machines, those of the PRATIKA line offer the most in terms of functionality and operating programs. They are innovative and technological automatic machines, but also designed to be user-friendly.

  • The angular automatic machines are distinguished for their reliability, versatility and unparalleled quality. In fact, they are suitable for any type of packaging and, although they are entirely manufactured in Italy, they also function with electronic components produced by the well-known Schneider Electric. PRATIKA 56 MPE Reverse Inox has a stainless steel structure and is perfect for the treatment of food products, such as packaging fruit and vegetables.

  • The continuous sealing models, however, are specific for packages with limitless length: they can produce a great number of packages with minimal power consumption. PRATIKA 56-T MPS, for example, has been implemented with mechanical and electronic components that allow a maximum of 3600 pieces per hour to be produced, depending on the size of the product and the type of film used.


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