How to Achieve Truly Efficient Packaging Systems

When managing a company dedicated to product packaging, it is crucial to choose the right packaging systems. The quality of performance and efficiency of machinery are just a few of the key elements to consider. How do you make the right choice? Discover tips and proposals from Minipack.


The advantages of heat shrink packaging

Heat shrink packaging offers a highly versatile and functional packaging solution that can provide excellent protection for products, improve hygiene and offer many customization options. Read more about this topic in this article.


Flow-pack packaging: quality and customisation

Flow-pack packaging not only distinguishes itself for its great versatility and packaging speed, but also for the possibility to customise packages and obtain unique products. All this is possible with minipack®-torre, take a look at our solutions!


Dispenser packaging machine: discover the Stretch line

Are you looking for a technological and efficient dispenser packaging machine? The minipack®-torre Stretch line offers reliable and easy-to-use machines, indispensable for delicatessen owners who want to best preserve the freshness of their meals!


Restaurant vacuum sealer: recommended models

A restaurant vacuum sealer is essential to ensure the perfect preservation of food and for certain types of high-level cooking, such as sous-vide cooking. Let's take a look at the best models recommended by minipack®-torre.


The secrets of manufacturing minipack®-torre industrial packaging machines

We have been manufacturers of packaging machines for more than fifty years, and over time we have expanded, developed and perfected our range of vacuum, heat-shrinkable, sleeve wrapping, flow pack and bagging machines. Find out about some of our internationally successful best-selling machines and what has made them so competitive in the market.


Packaging machines: each sector has its own

Minipack®-torre packaging machines are available in different models in order to meet the packaging needs of all production sectors. Which is the most suitable solution for your requirements?

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