Our values

“Taking decisions is not difficult when you know your values”


“Wisdom is the daughter of experience”.
(Leonardo da Vinci)

For more than 40 years, ours has been a history 100% MADE IN ITALY, starting from our ideas. We believe that to do anything well, you need to follow it from start to end. This is why all minipack®-torreproducts are designed and made in our plants in Dalmine and Osio Sotto. The passion for out know-how stems from the desire to provide excellent quality, which is the result of constant research, care for detail, strict tests on machines and a degree of reliability for which not just our technology, but each one of us, stands out. The fact of being "MADE IN ITALY" is a distinctive and qualifying element with a remarkable added value for the minipack®-torre brand.



“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”.
(Steve Jobs)

minipack®-torre invests five percent of its revenue in R&D because our drive towards the future has always been part of our identity. Thanks to this ongoing work, we constantly create new, innovative and cutting-edge packaging machines and operating systems, where quality, performance and reliability are fixed requirements. Our brand is permanently associated with the invention and success of our chamber machines for packaging with heat-shrink plastic film, which have left a key mark in the packaging sector. This is why we proudly define ourselves as an ORIGINAL PIONEER and we still operate on the market as a leading business in terms of seeking the best packaging solutions. Because "always better" is not simply slogan, but a promise we have been able to keep for over 40 years.



"The consumer is the most important point on the production-line"
(Edwards Deming - Quality "guru")

With three partnerships in France, the UK and the US, 85 retailers all over the world and 25 in Italy, we can ensure a widespread and effective sales presence and an after-sales service that aim at providing top customer satisfaction. With clients’ high expectations in mind, we always give our all and are committed to constantly ensure first-class standards over time. We aim at fully meeting market needs and requirements and turn them into the starting point of our know-how. This is the long-standing philosophy ofMinipack-torre®, implemented by designing its projects around the needs of the final user. Understanding our clients is the best promotional activity.




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