Industrial Packaging Machines

minipack®-torre packaging machines for the industrial sector

minipack®-torre, a leading company in the industrial packaging machines market, offers a complete range of machines to meet all the production needs relating to packaging items and solid products of all kinds.

minipack®-torre industrial packaging machines fully meet the requests for speed, reliability and a fast format changeover – essential characteristics for the needs of the industrial sector100% MADE IN ITALY, our packaging machines are built with certified materials and the best electronic components to ensure reliability and high performance. Our wide range is available to meet any request in terms of productivity and product size.

The best-selling packaging machines in the industry


General Packaging-Shrinkable-Angular-Semi-automatic

Industrial vacuum sealers

For sectors where vacuum packaging is required, minipack®-torre offers an innovative range of industrial vacuum packaging machines: the SWING line, a series of automatic machines designed to increase packaging speed and efficiency, such as the shifting closure of the chamber. The stainless steel construction ensures maximum hygiene for all types of products to be packaged.

Industrial heat-shrink packaging machines

For heat-shrink packaging, minipack®-torre has created several models of industrial packaging machines to choose from according to the specific business needs.

The vast range of manual bell-shaped machines meets any need in terms of low productivity. The Media and Modular semi-automatic machines with tunnel are ideal for those who have various products and require flexible packaging due to irregular workload patterns, with the option of choosing whether to heat-shrink the film on the product or just seal the package to create a bag.

Pratika, the top of the range line among industrial heat-shrink packaging machines, is the best automatic packaging solution. It can be installed in large production lines and thanks to its PLC, it can interact with other mechanical units. It can be connected to the internet to ensure remote control as well, a huge benefit for those who need to manage various packaging lines. The automatic packaging machines of the Pratika range incorporate the experience acquired by minipack®-torre over 40 years of business and ensure top performance levels.

Consulting and support starting from the design

minipack®-torre-lab, our R&D department, is at your service to examine packaging requests, also in terms of design. Thanks to cutting-edge design systems, our engineers will be able to solve your problems and together we will identify the most suitable industrial packaging machines and create a packaging line tailored to your needs.

Packaging is no longer an issue for the industrial sector with minipack®-torre’s packaging machines!

Get in touch with us and we will find the best-suited packaging machine for your needs!


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