Pre and after-sales service

Our pre and after-sales service is a key link in minipack®-torre‘s sales network. This is the corporate department that enables us to preserve our trust relationship, agreements made with our customers and that gives them a good overall impression of our company and our brand.

This is why minipack®-torre provides a pre and after-sales unit that offers the following services:

  1. Installation of all minipack®-torre machines in Italy and abroad with the support of our authorised retailers.
  2. Remote support with a box that allows our authorised technicians to monitor from our office an automatic machine installed anywhere in the world.
  3. Contract for routine and unscheduled maintenance.
  4. Repair carried out by specialist technicians at our minipack®-torre centre in Dalmine (Bergamo) and at the premises of our authorised retailers.
  5. Technical support at the client’s premises.
  6. Before the commissioning and packaging test (booking required) at our showroom in Dalmine (Bergamo), which hosts all minipack®-torre machines and at the premises of our authorised retailers.
  7. Expert authorised technicians at your service every day to meet your needs (ITA-ENG-SPA).
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