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VF Heat-shrink Film

Polyolefin is a multi-layered co-extruded film consisting of polypropylene and polyethylene.

Extremely bright, soft and versatile, it can be easily processed on any kind of packaging machine and shrink tunnel, both manual and automatic ones.

Glossy and transparent, it is less fragile than PVC when the packaging has been completed. Plus, it is eco-friendly as it does not produce toxic smoke during the sealing stage. On a like-to-like basis in terms of sealing, polyolefin is used with thinner thicknesses compared to PVC, which makes it more affordable.

Polyolefin is particularly suitable to package products for the food industry and display items. The final aesthetic result of the packaged product is excellent.

The reels have different widths, which can be requested according to the product that needs to be packed. Measurements come in 5cm increments, 200-250-300mm, etc., and easily available heights range from 250mm to 650mm.

Other ranges available upon request.

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