Meat packaging machines

minipack®-torre, a leading company in the heat-shrink film and vacuum packaging machine market, offers a full range of machinery for packaging meat and to satisfy all production requirements.

For delicatessens and butchers, our wide range of machines for packaging meat can satisfy the specific needs of all these businesses. In particular, through vacuum packaging, your food will be preserved for longer and, more importantly, will comply with all food safety regulations. We use electrical and electronic components of a multinational company, Schneider Electric, and all the vacuum pumps of minipack®-torre machines are made by Busch, the world's leading pump manufacturer.

The best-selling packaging machines in the industry

Machines for packaging meat in heat-shrink film

To package meat there are two different technologies available: heat-shrinking or vacuumHeat-shrink packaging is used when the meat is stored in specially designed cold storage or refrigerated display cabinets for short-term sale. This type of packaging is not used to increase the food shelf life, but to make the meat look aesthetically impeccable and extremely eye-pleasing. It is very useful especially in combination with trays.

minipack®-torre offers an extensive range of high-tech heat-shrink packaging machines and shrink tunnel, available both in manual models for small businesses or shops, as well as in semi-automatic or automatic models for larger butchers or workshops.

Machines for meat vacuum packaging

Unlike heat-shrinking, vacuum packaging is used to pack meat when it is important to increase its shelf life significantly. In quality vacuum packaging, meat can be stored for long periods without losing its organoleptic and nutritional qualities. Vacuum packaging is also used for sous-vide cooking, a technique that makes meat particularly tender and ensures even cooking.

The minipack®-torre vacuum packaging machines are reliable and technologically advanced. The tabletop bell-shaped machines are our most popular product and are distinguished in the X and XP line. The difference lies in the printer on the XP range: it ensures clear traceability of the product, since at the end of the vacuum cycle the machine prints a label featuring the packaging date, expiry date, type of product, whether or not gas has been introduced and other optional information that can be selected by the operator. The X and XP lines are undoubtedly our top of the range meat packaging chamber vacuum sealers, thanks to their high level aesthetics, functionality and compactness. Lastly, the range includes machines fitted with a carriagedouble tank machines and the shifting bell-shaped of the SWING series.

Also for the vacuum packaging industry, we manufacture specific meat packaging products, such as the EVAC 65, an automatic vacuum machine designed for processing laboratories that handle medium and large-sized products.

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The minipack®-lab, our R&D department, is always working to seek new solutions to offer increasingly improved products to our clients.

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