Our mission is...

“Being a point of reference for existing and future clients in providing the best packaging solutions with technological innovations increasingly aligned to market demand”

If we were to provide an “ID card” of minipack®-torre, it would be easy to list the many reasons why it is a sector leader.

minipack®-torre certainly has experience, the size and structure of a business, is specialised, has expertise in terms of design, manufacturing, control, technology and efficiency. However, this is not where its true distinctive feature lies. If we were to fill in the “distinctive characteristics” field, the right thing to write would be “innovation drive”.

The fact that the company patented more than some thirty innovations at an international level shows its true strong suit: no-one can deny that minipack®-torre revolutionised the heat-shrinking sector with the introduction of its compact chamber machines in 1975.

The fact that, years later, it keeps on innovating in all sectors – heat-shrinking, vacuum-sealing, stretching – like the new solutions introduced on our automatic machines of the PRATIKA range, is the proof that this innovation drive is the true distinguishing feature of the company’s identity.

This was all done for the pride of being and becoming a reliable leading business in providing the best solutions to our existing and future clients.

With its products, Minipack®-torre always has a new and unique way of introducing itself and is admired for its strong ideas. From now on, the brand should have a new slogan:

“Minipack®-torre. THE ORIGINAL PIONEER”

Cav. Francesco Torre
The Founder

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