Semiautomatic bundling machines

minipack®-torre semi-automatic bundling machines are ideal for small-medium production companies that need to produce professional, high quality packaging, but with the certainty of a machine that is easy to use and maintain.

Our semi-automatic packing machines are in fact the simplest model of bundling machine: monobloc structure, operation with in-line pneumatic pusher, safety photocell, and automatic reel unwinding system.


MS 70

Semiautomatic sleeve wrapper with pusher - Sealing Bar 700 mm

MS 90

Semiautomatic sleeve wrapper with pusher - Sealing bar 900 mm



Simplicity and flexibility of our semi-automatic bundling machines

The ease of use goes hand in hand with the flexibility of our machines: each semi-automatic bundle packing machine can be transformed into a manual packaging machine with a simple touch of the switch. Also, the speed of the belt can be adjusted manually.

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