Industrial Tape Machines

Industrial Tape Machines

Minipack industrial tape machines are more than just a packaging tool; they are an investment in efficiency, quality, and future growth. Discover their mechanics, applications, and advantages.

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What are industrial tape machines?

Industrial tape machines are specialized equipment designed for efficiently applying adhesive tapes to a variety of products during the manufacturing process. These machines play a pivotal role in industries, ensuring boxes are sealed or bonded with precision and consistency.


Presenting the best models in tape machinery

When considering an investment in a tape machine, it's essential to choose a product that aligns with your business needs. Here’s our range of products, entirely Made in Italy.


kartatape industrial tape machine

Kartatape 1562 - Automatic self-dimensioning gummed paper taping machine equipped with a patented quick reel change kit and a motorized lower arm for easy opening. Energy is saved by the drive belts starting only when a box is present. This machine features a patented and technologically advanced taping unit, offering high-level performance.


kartaform industrial tape machine

Kartaform + Kartatape - Automatic flap closer + Self-dimensioning gummed paper taping machine. The system features a patented quick reel change kit and a motorized lower arm for easy opening. This solution also includes axis movement with brushless motors, ensuring advanced performance.


kartatape-m-1562 industrial tape machine

Kartatape_m 1562 - Automatic taping machine with manual adjustment, featuring a patented quick reel change kit and a motorized lower arm for easy opening. Also equipped with an energy-saving system, it features LED indicators on the drive belts and has a patented, technologically advanced taping unit.


All these models provide:

  • Adaptability: They can adjust to different tape widths and types.
  • Easy maintenance: User-friendly designs that are simple to clean and maintain.
  • High-speed operations: Faster machines mean more products taped per hour.
  • Durability: They promise a long operational life.


How do industrial tape machines work?

The mechanism of these machines can be diverse, but here's a simplified overview:

  1. Feeding mechanism: Tape is fed into the machine from a roll.
  2. Application process: The machine applies the tape precisely to the product or surface.
  3. Cutting mechanism: After application, the tape is cut to the desired length.
  4. Repeating cycle: The machine automatically prepares for the next tape application.

Modern tape machines come with adjustable settings for tape length, tension, and application speed, allowing businesses to customize the process based on their needs.


Why invest in an industrial tape machine for your business?

Investing in an efficient tape machine for your business is a smart decision for several compelling reasons:

  • Consistency: These machines guarantee uniform tape application every time.
  • Sustainability: These machines can use precise amounts of adhesive tape, minimizing waste and optimizing supply utilization. They also use water-activated paper tape, a 100% recyclable solution.
  • Speed: Manual taping can't match the speed of a machine, ensuring high production rates.
  • Cost-efficiency: Reduce wasted tape and manpower costs.
  • Flexibility: Modern machines can handle a variety of tape types and sizes.
  • Safety: Automated taping reduces the risk of workplace injuries.

Don't let manual taping hold your business back. Elevate your manufacturing process today!

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