Water Activated Tape Case Sealer: perfect adhesion and safe packaging

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One of the major developments in the packaging industry is the use of Water Activated Tape (WAT). Discover all its sustainability and performance benefits and compatible Minipack case sealers.
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The advantages of WAT

Water Activated Tape (WAT) is designed to provide perfect and secure adhesion, making it ideal for a variety of packaging applications. Here are some of its main advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable - One of the distinguishing features of WAT is its eco-friendliness. This tape is made from recyclable and biodegradable materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice for companies that care about the environment.
  • High adhesion - WAT offers superior adhesion compared to traditional plastic tape. Due to its ability to be activated by water, it binds firmly to the packaging, minimizing the risk of damage during transport.
  • Packaging safety- Packaging safety is critical to protect products during shipping and storage. WAT provides a safe barrier against unauthorized package opening, ensuring that your products reach the recipient intact.
  • Customization - WAT can be customized with company graphics or logos. This customization adds a professional touch to your packages, helping to promote your brand.


The Minipack range of case sealers

To take full advantage of the benefits of WAT, it is essential to use a high-quality case sealer. Minipack is a leading manufacturer of case sealers with WAT. 

Here are the options available:

Kartatape 1562

Kartatape 1562 -  Automatic self-dimensioning Water Activated Tape case sealer equipped with a patented quick reel change kit and a motorized lower arm for easy opening. Energy is saved by the drive belts starting only when a box is present. This machine features a patented and technologically advanced taping unit, offering high-level performance.


Kartaform + Kartatape - Automatic flap closer + Self-dimensioning Water Activated Tape case sealer. The system features a patented quick reel change kit and a motorized lower arm for easy opening. This solution also includes axis movement with brushless motors, ensuring advanced performance.




Kartatape_m 1562 - Automatic Water Activated Tape case sealer with manual adjustment, featuring a patented quick reel change kit and a motorized lower arm for easy opening. Also equipped with an energy-saving system, it features LED indicators on the drive belts and has a patented, technologically advanced taping unit.


Benefits of using a Water Activated Tape case sealer

The use of a WAT case sealer offers many advantages for companies. 

Here are the main ones, by far the most appreciated by our customers:

  • Operational Efficiency - Water Activated Tape case sealers automate the tape application process, minimizing human error and speeding up packaging.
  • Saving - Not only is WAT cheaper than traditional plastic tape, but case sealers also reduce tape consumption, helping to save money.
  • Product protection - WAT's high adhesion means your products will be reliably protected during transport and storage.
  • Sustainability - The use of WAT and case sealers helps your company reduce its environmental impact.


Frequently asked questions about WAT case sealers

To further clarify the advantages and use of WAT case sealers, here are some frequently asked questions that are usually asked by our customers.

How does WAT work compared with traditional plastic tape?

Water Activated Tape requires activation by water (as its name suggests), which provides superior adhesion compared to traditional plastic tape, which relies on adhesion by glue.

Can I use the case sealer with automated packaging systems?

Yes, many Water Activated Tape case sealers are designed to be integrated with automated packaging systems, improving the efficiency of your production line.

Is the tape recyclable?

Yes, WAT is recyclable, so it positively affects your carbon footprint.

Can I print custom graphics or logos?

Absolutely! WAT can be customized with company graphics or logos to advertise your brand.

Is the tape suitable for heavy packaging?

Yes, WAT is also ideal for heavy packaging and provides a secure hold.


Request a consultation to find the ideal case sealer: our experts will be happy to analyze your specific needs and recommend the best solution for your business.

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