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A new line of ribbon machines now available

Minipack has developed the Karta Tape line of taping machines with paper tape, a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the needs of companies committed to achieving the packaging waste recycling goals set at the European level.

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Overview of Automatic Taping Machines in Catalog

Our models are designed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability over time. Explore our catalog and discover the automatic taping machine that will enhance efficiency in your packaging department.


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Kartatape 1562 - Self-sizing automatic taping machine with gummed paper tape, quipped with a patented quick coil change kit and a motorized lower arm for easy opening, this machine saves energy by starting the drive belts only in the presence of a box. It features a patented and technologically advanced taping unit, delivering high-performance.


Kartaform + Kartatape - Automatic flap closer + self-sizing gummed paper taping machine. This system includes a patented quick coil change kit and a motorized lower arm for easy opening. It also incorporates axis movement with brushless motors, ensuring advanced performance.

Kartatape_m 1562 - Manual adjustment automatic taping machine, featuring a patented quick coil change kit and a motorized lower arm for easy opening, this machine also includes an energy-saving system, LED indicators on the drive belts, and a patented and technologically advanced taping unit.


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Why Choose a Self-sizing Taping Machine 

The use of Minipack's Karta Tape self-sizing taping machine offers numerous advantages for businesses:

  • The advanced dimensional detection system allows the taping machine to automatically adapt material consumption to the specific volume of the product, optimizing tape usage and contributing to a significant reduction in resource waste.
  • Utilizing innovative adhesive tape made of paper with water-activated natural glue, our machine promotes packaging completely free of plastic, ensuring minimal environmental impact and full recyclability of the packaging.
  • The adhesion of the paper tape to the cardboard is designed to create an inseparable bond with the box, enhancing its structure and providing an effective deterrent against tampering attempts, ensuring the safety of your product.
  • The technology of our taping machine ensures a high-quality seal regardless of environmental conditions, ensuring the integrity and durability of the packaging in both high-temperature and extreme cold conditions.
  • Thanks to a particularly strong and stable seal, boxes sealed by our taping machine acquire greater solidity, allowing products to be stacked safely without the risk of damage due to weight, thus improving storage and transportation efficiency.


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Taping machines for cartons and boxes: Minipack is by your side

If you are looking for a reliable solution for closing cartons and boxes, our taping machines offer excellent performance, durability, and an excellent return on investment.

A taping machine for cartons and boxes represents an advanced technological solution designed to meet the needs of speed, reliability, and precision in the field of package closure. These devices are essential to ensure the safety and integrity of the content during transport and storage.

As a leading company in the production of packaging machines, Minipack is proud to offer a range of taping machines for cartons and boxes that combine cutting-edge technology, ease of use, and sustainability.

Our systems are designed to work with different types and sizes of cardboard, automatically adapting to various needs and ensuring a strong closure. The robustness of our machinery ensures uninterrupted workflow and reduces the risk of machine downtime, key elements in maintaining high productivity.

The ease of integration into existing packaging systems makes our taping machines for cartons and boxes ideal solutions for both SMEs and large industries, offering scalability and customization according to specific production needs.

We continuously invest in research and development to ensure that our taping machines are at the forefront of the industry. Innovation is at the core of our business philosophy: from intuitive and user-friendly control systems to energy-saving technologies, every aspect of our machines is designed to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.


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