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X-BAG EVO: the innovative vertical bagging machine fast in format change

X-BAG is the latest-generation vertical bagging machine that could only stem from minipack®-torre‘s innovation drive.

It encapsulates the best technology available on the market, as well as innovations unique in their kind.

Simple, cost-effective and practical, X-BAG is a form-fill-seal machine that creates packaging with three air-tight seals starting from a reel of flat heat-shrink film. Compared to similar machines, X-BAG provides the great benefit of having an innovative adapter that allows for very fast format changeover. This reduces machine downtime and ensures unparalleled productivity and speed. Moreover, the sealing ‘slide’ forms a perfect bag every time, with no risk of breaking it.

The strong suit of this bag sealer machine lies in the ease of use of any kind of standard flat film made with any type of material, combined with the sealing system that makes it unique, as it is the result of yet another minipack®-torre patent.

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    The use of various kinds of flat films (Polyethylene, Polyolefin, Macro-punched, Micro-punched, Cartene Plastic, biodegradable films) provides versatility to the machine, as it means the client can use materials available anywhere and therefore there is a limited impact on the cost of packaging. 


    Thanks to its compact size, it can be easily installed also in production areas where there is very limited space. 


    It has an extremely competitive price/quality ratio, whilst ensuring a sound design and reliable operation. 


    X-BAG is a packaging machine that is easy to use for operators both in terms of preparing the machine (introducing the film, setting the parameters from the electronic board) and using it. 


    It involves easy maintenance, as the only wear part is the horizontal sealing wire, which can be easily replaced by the customer. 


    The machine (painted steel sheet and Plexiglass structure and AISI 304 steel shaping pipe) has been developed starting from the know-how of the other vertical packaging machine by minipack®-torre: Mailbag, internationally-renowned for its reliability and sturdiness. 


    The horizontal sealing is separate from vertical sealing: the former has an electronic pulse-based control, while the latter is continuous sealing with a controlled airflow. (Patented system). 


    This kind of sealing ensures an hermetic closure both for lightweight products (like powder or granular products) and heavy ones (like screws). The machine has been successfully tested for air-tightness with up to 5 kg of product. 


    A single operation simultaneously ensures sealing of the tubular element and top and bottom sealing of the packaging, which is also cut and ejected. 


    The machine comes as standard with a bag-support pusher that allows you to package heavy products as well and convey them at the end of the cycle on a (optional) belt to ensure product evacuation and labelling. 


    The machine provides for a very accurate adjustment of the bag length: from 50 mm up to 330 mm. 


    The X-BAG can be used in various sectors and settings: bakeries, supermarkets, fruit and vegetable markets, healthcare facilities and hospitals, hardware stores, logistics hubs and spare parts warehouses. 

    Available in the version with the standard collar+triangle+belt+blower for long products. 


    • Shaping collars for 130,180, 230 mm wide bags 
    • Pedal.

technical features

Electrical Power SupplyV220/240
MAX power installedkW0.5
Pneumatic supplybar40l/m up to 6 bar
Hourly outputp/h (pph)0-1000
MAX Reel Dimensions (diameter)mm250
MAX Reel Strip Dimensions (width)mm360/410/520
Film thicknessmicron15/50
Bag lengthmm50/330 (600 with belt for long products)
Bag widthmm130/180/230
Type of film that can be usedtypePolyethylene, polyolefin, macro-punched, micro-punched, coupled, biodegradable films, cartene plastic)
Horizontal sealingtypeAt constant and controlled temperature
Machine dimensionsmm800x850x1500
Machine weight (Net/Gross)kg137/172 (MF99MB75)
142/177 (MF99MB76)

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