Trolley manual heat-shrink - Sealing bar 1280x800 mm

FM90 DIGIT: steel chamber packaging machines for all the productive needs

The FM DIGIT range consists of four models designed for clients with different production needs and it provides an excellent mix of performance, price and reliability over time.

The series is entirely made of steel.

The four different models enable us to meet different manufacturing needs.

Shrink magnet provided as standard, lower stainless steel washable tank to ensure greater hygiene when packaging food, six different programs that can be selected directly from the control panel, which is used to set all machine functions, sealing with adjustable pulse-operated blade, safety thermostat and buzzer to protect the oven, adjustable work surface and sliding carriage, film micro-puncher, motorised scrap recoiler: these are the features fitted on our whole FM range. Two operating modes: sealing-only and sealing with wrapping.


FM90 DIGIT is the largest model of the FM range and it is suited for packaging oversize packages, maintaining the productivity and quality typical of this range.

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technical features

Electrical power supplyV200/208/380
MAX power installedkW7.2
Hourly outputp/h (pph)300
Available dimensions of sealing barsmm1280x800
MAX Reel Dimensions (diameter)mm260
MAX Reel Strip Dimensions (width)mm1000
Work surface heightmm910
Machine dimensions with the lid openmm2800x1280x h.1540
Machine dimensions with the lid closedmm2800x1280x h.1170
Machine weight (Net/Gross)kg455/505

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