Semiautomatic packaging machine - L-sealing - Integrated tunnel - Sealing bar 540x400 mm

NEW-Media principale

Media: efficient and versatile monoblock wrapping machine

MEDIA is the latest piece of Minipack®-Torre range of semi-automatic modular angular wrapping machines, presenting a monoblock structure that distinguishes it from other proposals. Specifically, the retracting tunnel -equipped with a speed, height and temperature adjustment system- is fully integrated within the welding unit, making the structure of the packaging machine versatile and compact.

MEDIA presents an enviable series of high-profile technical features, including electronic adjustment of welding time and the presence of Teflon-coated blades, which guarantee the complete absence of fumes. At the same time, this angular wrapping machine provides a complete standard equipment: sealing bar and motorized scrap winder supplied. The STEEL IT version of MEDIA is ideal for the needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

In short, MEDIA is a perfect packaging machine for all the companies that Think Big!

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technical features

Electrical power supply208V 60Hz
230V 50Hz
400V 50Hz
400V 50/60Hz
MAX power installed6,5 kW (208V)
6,3 kW (230-400V)
Hourly output750 p/h
Maximum current19 A (208V)
17 A (230V)
10 A (400V)
Dimensions of sealing bars540x400 mm
MAX Reel Dimensions (diameter)350 mm
MAX Reel Strip Dimensions (width)600 mm
875 mm
Machine weight (Net/Gross)287/343 kg
Tunnel infeed dimensions440x240 mm
Dimensions with the sealing frame open2780x730x h.1400 mm
Dimensions with the sealing frame closed2780x730x h.1400 mm

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