Media Back 45

Manual angle wrapper for a single operator

Media Back 45 modificato

Media Back 45: Manual angle wrapper for a single operator

The Media Back 45 packaging machine has been carefully designed to maximize production line efficiency, allowing operation by a single operator. Its "come back" function enables the product to pass through the shrink tunnel and exit from the same entry point, greatly facilitating the operator's work without requiring additional movements.

Moreover, the integration of the tunnel ensures uniform film shrinkage on the products throughout the entire production cycle, guaranteeing a homogeneous and high-quality package. Despite its advanced performance, this machine has a compact footprint, optimizing the available space in the work area.

The possibility of adjusting the tunnel speed via an inverter allows precise control of the shrink process, adapting it to the specific needs of the product and production. Additionally, the ability to customize the dwell time of the product inside the tunnel offers an additional level of flexibility in the packaging process.

In conclusion, the Media Back 45 packaging machine represents a complete and highly efficient solution for packaging needs, combining advanced technology, ease of use, and operational flexibility to fully meet the demands of the most demanding customers.

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technical features

Electrical supply220V 50/60Hz single-phase
Maximum installed power4.2kW
Sealing bar dimensions340x450mm
Maximum product height130mm
Maximum roll dimensions450mm (diameter 250mm)
Manual sealing arm with magnet-controlled releaseYes
Single conveyor beltYes
Machine dimensions1080x1150x1120mm

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Technical drawing

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