Horizontal mini flow wrap machine

Mini flow wrap machine suitable for baked goods, pharmaceuticals and various objects.


Miniflow 600 EVO: electric “Flow-Pack” packaging machine

Miniflow 600 EVO is minipack®-torre’s new horizontal flow wrap machine.

A high performance, versatile, technologically advanced flow wrap machine aimed at businesses that are looking for a high-quality product to optimize their packaging processes with a high level of performance.

This mini flow wrap machine is designed to simplify customers’ maintenance and cleaning operations as much as possible.

Thanks to its 3 high-performance brushless motors and its 7” touch screen panel, the horizontal flow wrapper guarantees maximum versatility in changing format, therefore packaging operations become extremely simple. It can package a range of products to a maximum of 600 mm and at a rate of up to 120 products per minute.

Why choose a mini flow pack machine by minipack®-torre?

With an excellent quality-price ratio, this mini flow pack machine is a mix of quality and technology and guarantees high reliability. It is suitable for packaging innumerable food and non-food products like croissants, cakes, pharmaceuticals, toffees, chocolates, chocolate bars, various small objects and lots more besides.

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    • User-friendly 7” PLC touch screen
    • Easy inspection for maintenance and cleaning of roller unit
    • Expandable pneumatic shaft for film support
    • 3 brushless motors
    • Photocell to centre printed film
    • 3 pairs of infeed rollers - last group with a folding fin function
    • Infeed roller with integrated pneumatic opening
    • Safety housing, with stoppage system in the event of opening
    • EC certified safety and management modules
    • Motorised product unloading belt with central guide
    • Emergency button with immediate interruption of the production cycle
    • Inspectable magnetic roller bars
    • Sliding surface in AISI 304 stainless steel conforming with EC regulations
    • “Crumb catcher” boxes on the infeed belt
    • Rotating collectors with integrated brushes
    • Parameter and recipe backup via USB port
    • Belt handling mechanism to reduce play
    • Network connection for assistance via LAN and VNC L cable

technical features

Power supplyV220
Pnaumatic supplyBar6
Electrical powerKW3,5
Electric consumptionKW3,5
Hourly production p/hp/h (pph)0.7200
Sealing Barmm300
MAX product weightgr1500
MAX product heightmm110
MAX length productmm650
Reel Diameter MAX Dimensionsmm350
MAX Reel Strip Dimensionsmm600
Worktop heightmm950
Machine dimensionsmm3300 x 1150 x h1750
Machine weightkg700

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Technical drawing


A photocell identifies if a product is present and stops packaging if it doesn’t find one, so as not to create empty packages and to save film.

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