Flowpack machines

Packaging machines specific for small and individual packages

Explore our range of flowpack machines, designed for horizontal packaging of both fresh foods and non-food items.

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What is flow pack packaging

In a flow wrap machine, the sliding of the products takes place inside a single packing film, which is welded in three points: two transverse and one longitudinal welds.

The packaging obtained pairs high tightness and excellent aesthetic performance: a flow wrap pack, in fact, has the shape of a pad and can be instantly recognized for one detail: the so-called fin, that is the longitudinal weld area between the two flaps of the thermoplastic film.



When it is better to choose flow wrap packaging

flow pack packaging

When it comes to selecting the most suitable packaging, the choice of flow wrap packaging stands out in various scenarios. This type of packaging is particularly advantageous for products that require protection from external elements while maintaining freshness.

Items like confectionery, baked goods, and snacks find immense benefit in flow wrap packaging due to its ability to preserve taste, texture, and quality. Moreover, flow wrap packaging offers excellent visibility, making the product more appealing to consumers on store shelves. 

Its versatility accommodates different shapes and sizes, enhancing its appeal for a wide range of industries. Additionally, the ease of customization and cost-effectiveness make flow wrap packaging a preferred choice for businesses seeking practical yet impactful packaging solutions.


Flowpack machines applications

examples of flowpack packaging

What can you pack with a flow pack machine? This method is frequently used to pack sweet foods, small hardware and medications:

  • Brioches, chocolate bars, sweets, chewing gums, bars, small cakes, wafers
  • Dry baked goods, such as crackers, breadsticks, etc.
  • Small items
  • Some types of pills or tablets in single pack
  • but also detergent pads (for dishwashers or washing machines), soaps, etc.

The film can be made from different materials (BOPP, retractable film, rolled OPA/PE or similar), a feature that gives even more versatility to a packaging machine that already lends itself to countless uses.


Our flow pack machines: 100% electronic

The flow pack packaging machines that we have included in our range are two completely electronic models, designed to make easier usually boring operations such as cleaning and maintenance. The process management is also made easy and intuitive, thanks to the PLC framework with 7'' touch-screen: the format changes are fast and it is possible to record the parameters and the recipes for a faster start of the packaging cycle when dealing with the same product.

Last but not least, the size of our Miniflow machines is smaller than the average: they are more compact and occupy less space, making the packaging of products more agile. They are therefore ideal for small-medium enterprises productions.


Our after-sales service

Minipack flow pack machines are built to resist and to be easily used, but you may need some help from time to time.

Our after-sales service is a crucial component of Minipack's sales network. It's the division within our company that maintains our trust-based relationships and commitments with our customers, ensuring they have a positive overall perception of our company and brand.

To this end, we offer a dedicated after-sales team that provides:

  • Remote assistance, using a specialized device that allows our certified technicians to remotely monitor any flow pack machine from our office, regardless of its global location;
  • Agreements for regular and unexpected maintenance services;
  • Repairs conducted by expert technicians at our Minipack center in Dalmine (Bergamo) and at the locations of our authorized dealers;
  • On-site technical support at the client's location;
  • Daily access to skilled and authorized technicians ready to meet your requirements (services available in Italian, English, and Spanish).


Discover Minipack flow wrap machines best suited to your packing needs!

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