Dual-chamber heat-shrinking tunnel - Tunnel mouth 680x390 mm

Tunnel 70 (Nuovo logo) 1

Tunnel 70 Digit: the most flexible packaging solution

TUNNEL 70 DIGIT is the largest version of the shrink tunnel line. The machine is equipped with a host of updated technical and aesthetic features that are designed to meet a number of packaging needs. The shrink wrap tunnel is flexible and versatile, and can operate with a wide variety of heat-shrink films.


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  • Technical features
    • Manual belt height adjustment
    • Digital display with 9 programs that can be selected and customised
    • Option of selecting the auto-rotating feature for the rollers
    • Product conveyor
    • Adjustable double air baffles
    • Auto-off program
    • Outfeed roller conveyor provided as standard
    • Two separate chambers with temperature control.

technical features

Electrical power supply200V 50/60Hz 3Ph
208V 60Hz 3Ph
220V 50/60Hz 3Ph
400V 50/60Hz 3Ph
MAX power installed14 kW (200V)
15 kW (208V)
14 kW(220V)
14,5 kW (400V)
Maximum current38 A (200V)
43 A (208V)
34 A (220V)
21 A (400V)
MAX product size680x390 mm xL.
(The maximum length depends on the shape, conveyor belt speed and type of film, etc.)
Machine Dimensions2770x1160x1640 mm
Machine weight (Net/Gross)415/483 kg
Tunnel infeed dimensions680x390 mm

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Technical drawing


19kVA Auto-transformer kit 415/460V 3Ph SEC. 230V 1Ph/400V 3Ph

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