Automatic packaging machines

Automatic packaging machines: medium & large products food packaging

Automatic vacuum packaging machines are the most suitable machinery for the food packaging of medium and large products, in all those activities that every day must process high quantities of product.

For a long time, vacuum machines have been the ideal solution for the packaging of food, thanks to the capacity of this packaging to preserve almost intact the nutritional properties, the fragrance and the flavour of the foods. Vacuum packaging is therefore the choice for all those activities that operate in the food sector.

eVac 65

Automatic vacuum for processing laboratories - PLC and Touch Screen control


When quantities of product to be packaged are considerable, the maximum production efficiency is achieved by the automation of the packaging process: enter here the automatic vacuum packaging machines, high-tech machines that are able to operate autonomously all steps leading food packaging. In using these wrappers, it only remains to upload products to be packed on the conveyor belt built into it, and collect output packaged on the opposite side of the machine.

This page lists all the automatic vacuum machines signed minipack®-torre: professional products recommended for those looking for maximum efficiency and precision in the packaging process, in order to reduce time and costs considerably.

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