Italian packaging machines

Italian packaging machines

Are you looking for high quality Italian packaging machines? Discover minipack®-torre’s products and find the most suitable for your production.

A packing machine is essential for the protection of your products but it has to be of high quality in order to ensure great results. This is why you should choose minipack®-torre’s Italian packaging machines: resistant, efficient and technologically advanced. 

The range of minipack®-torre’s packaging machines

Minipack®-torre manufactures a great range of packaging machines, all Made in Italy. In particular we offer:

  • Vacuum packaging machines, one of the most efficient and safe processes for fresh food conservation; 
  • Flow pack packaging machines, able to pack products inside a single packing film, which is welded in three points: two transverse and one longitudinal welds;
  • Shrinkable packaging machines: the product is packed in a special film which, when exposed to a heat source, shrinks until it adheres perfectly to the product itself;
  • Bagging packaging machines that realize hermetic seals and ensure maximum protection of the product;
  • Bundling packaging machines ideal for packing plastic bottles, jars of various types, cans and in general products of all kinds in both single and multiple packs. 




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Packaging machines


When choose our packaging machines (besides 100% Made in Italy)

Besides being designed and manufactured in our headquarters in Italy, which is a guarantee of high quality, our packing machines can meet the needs of a wide range of sectors, especially the food one:




Moreover, our packaging machines are very appreciated also in other fields that need great protection of their products, in particular:



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Field of application

The quality of our machines

Our products boast all the typical qualities of Made in Italy, but their excellency also depends on other factors, in fact:

  • They are completely designed and manufactured internally, thanks to the presence of pur minipack-LAB and minipack-STEEL;
  • They are constantly renewed in order to be always up-to-date with the latest innovations.


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