Packaging machine suppliers

Packaging machine suppliers

If you are a business owner or manager seeking top-notch packaging solutions for your products, you've come to the right place. In this page, we, as experts in the field, will delve into the world of packaging machines, guiding you through the various types and their benefits.


Packaging is a critical aspect of any product-based business. It not only protects the items but also plays a vital role in marketing and brand presentation. Investing in the right packaging machines can significantly impact your business's efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall success.

Here’s why you should choose minipack®-torre as your trusted packaging partner.


Types of packaging machines we can supply

Minipack®-torre offers you a wide range of packaging machines suitable for every type of professional need:

  • vacuum packing machines, one of the most efficient and safe machines for food conservation;
    vacuum packaging machines supplier
  • shrink wrap machines, perfect for industrial packaging for both food and non-food products that you want to protect from dust and external agents;
    shrink wrap machines supplier
  • bagging machines, precise, fast and versatile products that guarantee an absolute hermetic seal and ensure maximum protection;
    bagging machines supplier
  • bundling machines, characterized by the great compactness, high performances and excellent safety standards;
    bundling machines supplier
  • flow wrap machines, horizontal packaging machines for fresh food, but also non-food products. 
    flow wrap machines supplier

All our packaging machines are CE certified: they meet all quality and safety standards, with a focus on industrial automation processes and energy saving. They are 100% made in Italy because every component is designed, machined, assembled and finished within the walls of our company. The minipackLAB (our R&D department) studies prototypes, the minipackSTEEL carpentry works sheet metal and assembles the parts until an efficient and productive machine is created, and Quality Control makes sure that quality and safety standards are totally met.


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The benefits of choosing minipack®-torre

We are recognized worldwide for our strengths:

  • quality assurance - selecting a reputable packaging machine supplier ensures that you receive high-quality, reliable machinery that meets industry standards. Quality machines lead to better productivity and minimize downtime, ultimately boosting your business's efficiency;
  • industry experience - we are suppliers with extensive experience in the packaging machinery industry. We understand your specific needs and offer appropriate solutions;
  • tailored solutions - experienced packaging machine suppliers understand that different businesses have unique requirements. They can provide customized solutions that best suit your products and production processes, enhancing overall workflow;
  • technical support and training - a reliable supplier not only delivers the machinery but also offers comprehensive technical support and training to your staff. This ensures that your team can operate the equipment effectively, minimizing errors and downtime;
  • after-sales service - packaging machines, like any equipment, require maintenance and occasional repairs. A reputable supplier will offer excellent after-sales service, including spare parts availability and prompt assistance whenever needed.


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If you want to know more about our packaging machine range, if you have any doubts or special requests, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists are always available to provide more information, in the form of individual advice and without obligation.

In addition, you can book a free packaging test, to try our products in person.


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