FM76 evo

Trolley manual heat-shrink - Full Optional - Packaging plate 540x390 mm

FM76-Evo main

FM76 EVO: heir of the innovative chamber packaging machines by minipack®-torre

Minipack®-torre always pursues its pioneering spirit. Indeed, the company was set up more than 40 years ago, precisely thanks to the idea of chamber machines, which was patented in 1976. But ideas cannot stop. Today, the company is launching a new line which is the result of years of research and development and represents the synthesis of the minipack®-torre compact machines: easy to use, sturdy and reliable.

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  • Technical Solutions
    • High-performance steel resistors: shrinking time cut by 50% and heating time cut by 60%
    • Soft Shrink fan speed adjustment: perfect heat-shrinking also on very light or flexible products. Sealed areas do not open. Extremely quiet. Exclusive patent
    • Comfort Zone Fan Stop: the fan stop is a “green” solution that allows to save 20% more energy and provides greater operator comfort during packaging, since the fan stops when the chamber opens
    • New latest-generation board: quality components. 4-digit display
    • Waste rewinder: productivity up by 20%
    • Sealing bar cooling: increased productivity and improved sealing
  • Optional features

technical features

Electrical power supplyV200/230
Maximum power installedkW3,35 (200V)
3,45 (230V)
Hourly outputpcs/h0-300
Available dimensions of the sealing barsmm540x390
MAX product sizemm500x380x200
MAX Reel Dimensions (diameter)mm250
MAX Reel Strip Dimensions (width)mm600
Work Surface Heightmm940
Machine dimensions with the lid openmm1260x810x1400
Machine dimensions with the lid closedmm1260x810x1190
Weight (Net/Gross)Kg126/150

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