Modular 50S INOX

Semiautomatic packaging machine - L-sealing - Sealing bar 540x400 mm

Modular 50 S inox (Nuovo logo)

Modular 50S INOX: a flexible and handy wrapping machine

The MODULAR LINE semi-automatic, angular machines offer maximum packaging flexibility, and a quality product at a competitive price.
MODULAR 50S INOX, MODULAR 50S and MODULAR 70, which have recently been updated and revised, can be used to package products using any material, producing highly attractive results.

MODULAR LINE uses an electronically controlled sealing system and the very latest safety devices.

The lines can be used in automatic or semi-automatic mode, and the operating programs can be customised in order to simplify the packaging process and maximise productivity.The INOX version of Modular 50 is perfect for food or pharmaceutical applications.

 MODULAR 50S INOX, MODULAR 50S and MODULAR 70 can also be used with the minipack-torre TUNNEL LINE.

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technical features

Electrical power supply200V 50/60Hz
208/220V 60Hz
230V 50Hz
400V 50Hz
400V 50/60Hz
440V 50/60Hz
MAX power installed2,4 kW
Hourly output0-900 p/h
Maximum current12 A (200V)
11,5/10,9 A (208V/220V)
10,4 A (230V)
6 A (400V)
5,5 A (440V)
Available dimensions of the sealing bars540x400 mm
MAX Reel Dimensions (diameter)250 mm
MAX Reel Strip Dimensions (width)600 mm
Work surface height930 mm
Machine weight (Net/Gross)151/182 kg
Machine dimensions
sealing frame open
1565x750x h.1400 mm
Machine dimensions
sealing frame closed
1565x750x h.1100 mm

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Module kits to transfer unstable products from “Modular 50 S” to “Tunnel 50/50 Twin”

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