Manual angular wrapping machine

Manual angular wrapping machines with shrink films, practical and easy to use

Angular wrapping machines with shrink film by minipack®-torre are practical and easy to use.



Manual packaging machine - L-sealing - Entry level - Sealing bar 540x390 mm

Modular 50S INOX

Semiautomatic packaging machine - L-sealing - Sealing bar 540x400 mm

Equipped with a large soldering surface, these shrink wrap machines are ideal for packing bulk objects. On request, these manual wrapping machines can be complemented by packaging tunnels, in order to automate part of the process.

The angular heat sealing machines are equipped with a soldering blade and an intuitive temperature control system: in this way, you will obtain optimum welding with all types of films. The packs will always be perfect and can satisfy any kind of requirement.

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