Sleeve wrapping machine

Sleeve wrapping machine

A short guide to the right sleeve wrapping machine for your business: discover how they are made, what are the advantages for the packaging of products and which are the best models branded minipack-torre.


When we talk about sleeve wrapping machines, we mean a shrink wrapping machine that includes:

  • a sealing mechanism
  • an oven that applies heat to the film and makes it retract, i.e. reduce it until it adheres perfectly to the product to be packaged.

For which industries are sleeve wrapping machines suitable? And for which products?


Sleeve wrapping machine: applications and advantages

A sleeve wrapping machine can be used in a wide variety of industries: food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, publishing, etc. This is because a package packed with shrink film has some important features:

  • resistance
  • convenience
  • adaptability
  • cleanliness
  • high aesthetic performance.

The minipack-torre range includes various types of sleeve wrapping machines, as illustrated below.


Angular sleeve wrapping machines

The first type of angular sleeve wrapping machine includes L-welding machines: they allow you to pack any type of product, are easy to use but also equipped with advanced electronic components. Maximum result with minimum effort! All sleeve wrapping machines of this type - both manual and semi-automatic - must be completed with compatible shrink tunnels.



Sleeve wrapping machines with chamber

The sleeve wrapping machines with chamber combine, in a single machine, both the sealing element and the heat supplier: in a few seconds, the film is first sealed around the product to be packaged, and then adhered perfectly to the surface. Practical and perfect for small and medium enterprises, the sleeve wrapping machines are available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic versions.



Automatic sleeve wrapping machines

Finally, an automatic sleeve wrapping machine is designed for the needs of large production lines: it can weld in L or continuously, is - in most cases - completely electric and the tunnel is integrated, which makes it compact and very practical. It can shrink, at high speed, even large products. Not only that, some models are made of stainless steel to meet the most stringent hygienic and sanitary standards of the food and pharmaceutical industry. The heart of the automatic machines, on the other hand, is a perfect mechanism of electrical and electronic components by Schneider Electric.




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