Automatic bundling machines: 6 models for perfect packages

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6 automatic bundling machines for all needs: let us show you the common features and the specific advantages of each one of them, from the smallest of the range (MS 50 L) to the largest and highest performing one (MS 115 AL).
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Impeccable packaging and resistant to any stress – mechanical or chemical: this is the guarantee of the Gramegna brand automatic bundling machines. Acquired from the important Italian brand specialised in the construction of bundling machines, the offering now includes 6 different models:

  • Bundling machine MS 50 L
  • Bundling machine MS 70 L
  • Bundling machine MS 70 AL
  • Bundling machine MS 90 L
  • Bundling machine MS 90 AL
  • Bundling machine MS 115 AL

Let's see their features and their advantages.


Features of the MS L and AL series automatic bundling machines

The MS L and MS AL series automatic bundling machines have been designed to easily integrate with the production line, thanks to the setting for automatic management of the line input and output exchange signals. They can pack both multipack and individual pack products, up to 1500 mm long: the film used is made of polyethylene, a thick, resistant and waterproof material.

Their structure is single-unit, with a motorised belt before and after the sealing bar, and a heat-shrinking tunnel insulated with rock wool and heated by resistor.

Here is a summary of the other advantages:

  • Automatic film reel winding system;
  • PID temperature regulators that constantly monitor the temperature of the sealing bar and of the heat-shrinking tunnel;
  • Air recirculation assured by forced ventilation;
  • Maximum safety, thanks to the photocell that blocks the sealing bar if it detects the presence of an obstacle on its path.

Features of the individual models

Let us now look at the differences. First of all, the L series automatic bundling machines can produce up to 8 ppm (pieces per minute), while those of the AL series can reach up to 12 ppm. The following change: the length of the sealing bar and of the tunnel (and therefore the size of the product that can be packed); the dimensions of the reel and of the tunnel infeed.

Here are a few examples:

  • MS 50 L has a 500 mm long sealing bar, MS 70 700 mm long, MS 90 900 mm long and MS 115 1150 mm long.
  • MS 70 L packages up to 8 ppm, while MS 70 AL up to 12 ppm;
  • MS 50 L contains reels with maximum dimensions of Ø 350x480 mm, while MS 115 AL also operates with Ø 350 x 1130 mm reels.
  • If the MS 90 AL model tunnel infeed is 800x h 400 mm, the one of MS 115 AL is 1000 x h 500 mm.


These are some of the specifications that, according to your production needs and the type of product to be packaged, make a model better suited than another.

Our automatic bundling machines adapt to different industrial conditions: for any information or to request a free estimate, contact us with no obligation!

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