Food tray packaging machine for small businesses

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A food tray packaging machine is particularly indicated for the food sector: grocery stores, small/medium fruit sellers or supermarkets. For this specific application minipack®-torre offers MINISPENSER, a one-of-a-kind tabletop dispenser.
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There are two types of food tray packaging machines, based on production needs:

  • Those designed for the production line: these are generally thermo-sealers used in combination with vacuum packaging machines or in protected atmosphere;
  • Tabletop type, for small or medium businesses.

Today we will concentrate on food tray packaging machines for small businesses.

In this article, we will look at:

Food tray packaging machines

For small or medium businesses in the food industry, the food tray packaging machines are an essential tool. Suitable for the packaging of fruit, vegetables, meat, cured meats fresh pasta or ready meals, MINISPENSER by minipack®-torre is the highest-performing model.

Due to the reduced dimensions of the heat sealer for trays and the tray sealing speed, it is possible to place the dispenser conveniently on the tabletop.

MINISPENSER is a manual stretch-type packaging machine:

  • Stretch because it uses specific films, stretchable and sterilised, to pack highly perishable food;
  • Manual because it requires the intervention of an operator, while guaranteeing extreme ease of use.



Who the food tray packaging machines are suited for

The food tray packaging machines are a type of machine that is particularly suitable for two main types of businesses:

  • this sector essentially includes hotels, restaurants and catering. These are businesses that need to maintain very high service quality standards, therefore it is essential that they are in possession of high performing yet also practical tools;
  • Large retailers and supermarkets: the main need of this sector is that of obtaining perfectly bagged products in aesthetically appealing and hygienically safe packages.

The MINISPENSER food tray packaging machine is perfect for fulfilling the needs of these two sectors, let us see why below.

The benefits of the food tray packaging machines

MINISPENSER is the ideal solution for packaging small products with extreme precision. Its quality emerges in every detail: from the intuitive operation to the safety measures, from the sturdy design to its reliability. Without forgetting the clearly accessible cost for people who manage small or medium businesses.

But what are, in detail, the benefits of the small tabletop dispenser?

Compact size and easy use

The reduced dimensions (540x600x130) and the contained weight (just 7 kg) make MINISPENSER a very compact tabletop dispenser. Operation is simple: simply unroll part of the film, place it over the tray and wrap carefully until it is completely closed. The hot cut device cuts it in an instant and in exactly the right point. The thermo-sealant plate closes the package making the film adhere to the bottom of the tray.

Speed and safety

With its intuitive operation, the manual packaging rhythm reaches high speeds letting you pack many trays in a short amount of time. The sealing plate temperature is set manually, in complete safety.

Aesthetically appealing results

The trays are aesthetically impeccable: the film is pulled just right, allowing the stickers to be applied without any issues. There are no strands of film protruding from the package and they are closed with a seamless seal.

Stainless steel structure

The body is entirely stainless steel, the ideal material for processing in the food industry. In fact, being a low porous stainless metal alloy, stainless steel does not absorb food, nor powder nor chemicals. In this manner the proliferation of bacterial loads is blocked upon onset and hygiene is optimal.

Optional features

The optional features include the practical tray-retaining kit: this way, loading and packaging are even simpler and quicker.

Why choose minipack®-torre food tray packaging machines

MINISPENSER always guarantees optimal results, especially if you have to package fruit and vegetables which are very delicate and easily perishable. Not only that, but the small dispenser fulfils all of the standards of the EU regulations, in fact, it has not officially and permanently obtained the CE marking.

In addition to the impeccable quality of this machine, there are also other reasons why choosing minipack®-torre is an excellent idea.

Experience in food packaging

Minipack®-torre has over forty years of experience in the packaging machine sector that have allowed the company increasing perfection, also thanks to ongoing research and the great importance that the company allocates to the Research&Development department, even through the creation of a dedicated technical department, the “MINIPACK-LAB”.

High quality and reliability of the packaging machines

Minipack®-torre products are 100% MADE IN ITALY, a distinguishing element that offers additional prestige to the minipack®-torre trademark. The packaging machines and operating systems are continuously renewed, thanks to the use of innovative and cutting edge technologies where quality, performance and reliability stand out.

Guaranteed safety

Minipack®-torre packages fulfil very strict safety standards. From the initial processing stages it is possible to control the requirements of our products, made with STAINLESS steel, an impeccable material in terms of hygiene. Plus, the selected raw materials come with a Certificate of Origin of the goods, an additional guarantee of the quality and reliability of the trademark.

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