Replay 55 evo: the great classic which never goes out of fashion

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The first quarter of 2017 witnessed tripled sales of the machine which revolutionised the heat shrink market 40 years ago.
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It’s absolutely true that life starts over at 40 years, as we at Minipack-torre know only too well. Our best-seller Replay 55 evo, offspring of that chamber machine which 40 years ago changed the way heat shrink packaging was done, is having enormous success in 2017. Ok we’ll admit that a touch up was done, but to tell you the truth, it was well deserved.
The entire range of chamber machines was reviewed at the start of 2016, with Replay 55 evo as the top billing. Minipack-lab, our research and development department, was able to rejuvenate that which has been the queen of heat shrink chamber machines for almost half a century. The restyling does not only regard its appearance, but goes right to the heart of the machine by inserting new patented technologies which draw a line between Minipack packaging machines and other chamber machines present on the market. This is confirmed by the great increase in orders in the first quarter of 2017.
All of the new advantages provided by Replay 55 evo are detailed below:

  •  High-performance steel resistors: shrinking time cut by 50% and heating time cut by 60%
  • Soft Shrink fan speed adjustment: perfect heat-shrinking also on very light or flexible products. Sealed areas do not open. Extremely quiet. Exclusive Patent
  • Comfort Zone Fan Stop: the fan stop is a “green” solution that allows to save 20% more energy and provides greater operator comfort during packaging, since the fan stops when the chamber opens
  •  New latest-generation board: quality components. 4-digit display.

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