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Minipack-torre valuable asset has always been its innovation ability. Therefore, we proudly define ourselves as ORIGINAL PIONEERS, and, even today, we place ourselves on the market as a leading company for the search of the best solution in packaging.
Our minipack-LAB, on which 5% of revenues are yearly reinvested, is always looking for new solutions to improve our packaging machines. The latest improvement has been done on our best sellers: Media, Modular 50 and Tunnel 50. The improvement concerns their painting. These model bodyworks are painted with the new Steel-it painting.
Particles of steel structure are mixed in this painting, making these machines much more resistant to corrosion and suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries or companies located near the sea where  there is a high presence of salt in the air.
This new machine line offers a new selling point to all our dealers, since they have a new revolutionary  line with the same reliability and quality which  Media, Modular 50 and Tunnel 50 guarantee to our customers.
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