Food packaging machines for small business

Food packaging machines for small business

Even in the case of small businesses, such as restaurants, bakeries and small supermarkets, it is important to use high quality food packaging machines, in order to pack products in the safest way possible. Discover minipack®-torre best solutions!


When mananing with food, it is essential to ensure the best hygienic safety possible. Minipack®-torre offers different models of food packaging machines for small business able to guarantee the best reliability and performance.

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Minipack-torre best solutions for small businesses 

The best food packaging machines for small businesses offered by Minipack®-torre are included in the following categories: vacuum packaging machines, shrinkable wrap machines and bagging machines

Vacuum packaging machines 

Vacuum packaging machines are the favorite of restaurants because of the excellent level of protection that they can guarantee, especially with fresh food.

There are many types of vacuum machines. The most indicated for small business are chamber vacuum ones, which stand out not only for their capacity to ensure a very high degree of vacuum, about 99%, in a few seconds, but also because they:

  • Are suitable for packaging non-solid products, such as liquids, soups and sauces;
  • Can guarantee excellent resistance, thanks to the use of great materials such as stainless steel;
  • Are completely user-friendly;
  • Have compact dimensions and can be positioned everywhere;
  • Have a great design.

Minipack®-torre offers two types of chamber vacuum machines:

  • Tabletop professional vacuum packing machines such as MVS41 XP. This model is perfect for a small business as it is very compact and can be positioned everywhere. It has a technological control panel that permits to quickly set up any operation and helps to understand when it is necessary to ask for technical assistance. Moreover, it can print specific labels with all the information of the packaging process.


  • Chamber vacuum sealers with carriage like the model MVS50 XP. This machine has convenient wheels for easy movement and is particularly suitable for packing bigger food products. It is characterized by speed and a very high technological level, in fact it has a display for a rapid setting of the machine and also in this case it is possible to print specific labels with all the information about the packaging process.



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Vacuum packaging machines


Shrinkable wrap machines

Shrinkable wrap machines are mainly used in supermarkets and groceries as they have one main advantage over other food packaging machines: the capacity of making great packages from the aesthetic point of view.

They work this way: the machine packs the products in a specific film which, when exposed to heat, shrinks until it adheres perfectly to the product.

The result is a package that is safe and beautiful to look at.

Among the different models of shrink wrap machines offered by minipack®-torre, you can find some models made in stainless steel, the best material for food products.

Synthesis inox, for example, is one of the most suitable models for small food businesses. It is ideal for packaging pizza, bread and sweets as it can guarantee the best hygienic safety possible. It has a ventilation system for constant temperature, without the risk of overheating. It has compact dimensions and has a technological display for setting packaging operations.


Bagging machines

In conclusion, minipack®-torre offers another type of food packaging machine for small businesses: bagging machines.

These machines are suitable for packaging fruit, vegetables and bread, so they can be used especially in supermarkets, grocery stores and bakeries.

X-BAG is one of the best models of this category. It is very compact so it can be positioned everywhere, even in small spaces. The greatest feature of this food packaging machine is its versatility, in fact it can use different types of film, meeting the many needs of the industry. 


Main features of a food packaging machine for small business

Food products are particularly delicate because of their quick perishability. For this reason, it is fundamental to ensure the best protection against germs, bacteria and all those organisms that could compromise the integrity of the products.

This applies to activities of any size, from big industries to small restaurants, supermarkets, gastronomies or bakeries.

With regard to small businesses, here are the main features of a good food packaging machine:

  • Compact dimensions in order to be positioned even in small spaces;
  • High quality materials such as stainless steel, the best from the hygienic point of view;
  • High technological level, in order to be easy to use;
  • Ability to realize good quality packages from the aesthetic point of view, as they could be displayed to the public, such as in the case of supermarkets.

Minipack®-torre offers solutions that enclose all these characteristics. Let’s discover some of the best models.

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