Mini Cook 15

Tabletop machine with guide system for sous-vide cooking


Mini Cook 15: The perfect appliance for cooking at low temperatures

Nowadays no professional catering business can do without cooking and regenerating at low temperatures, because this technique optimises food preparation and enhances the organoleptic properties of food.

Chefs take advantage of the many benefits of sous-vide cooking, including the reduction in weight loss of food during cooking, which passes from 30% with normal cooking to 7% with vacuum cooking, thus increasing the portions obtainable with the same amount of raw material.

Resulting from close collaboration with renowned chefs, Mini cook 15 is the ideal solution for innovative vacuum cooking.

The machine is fitted with a display showing the cooking time, the water temperature and core probe detected by a temperature sensor with a delta of 0.1°C. Food is cooked in total autonomy; if there is no water the machine automatically stops so that the chef is completely free to manage the kitchen. The innovated temperature-controlled cooking system allows foods to be cooked evenly without ever subjecting them to thermal shocks that could harm the product.

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  • New technical features
    • 10 programs for repeating your successful recipes
    • Delayed start of cooking to optimise organisation of your kitchen
    • Precise, uniform and repeatable cooking that preserves all of the flavours and aromas of foods thanks to the core probe
    • Pasteurisation of dishes cooked with traditional cooking techniques
    • Thermal regeneration of vacuum packed foods
    • Cooking with a temperature delta for evenly cooking foods

technical features

Mini Cook 15
Machine dimensions150x240x380 h mm
Weight4 kg
Voltage110 V-60 Hz-1 ph
230 V-50 Hz-1 ph230 V-50 Hz-1 ph
Consumption1.65 – 2.1 kW
StructureStainless steel
Litres at 95°C50
Temperature range0.1°C/95°C
Temperature resolution± 0.1°C
± 33.8°F± 33.8°F
Cooking time0-72 h
Minimum water level warning
Delayed start
°C/°F operation
Alarm when cooking temperature is reached
Temperature control offset
Temperature check with core probe (accessory)

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