Tabletop vacuum - Sealing bar 450 mm - Process tracking and labeller


MVS45XP main

MVS45 XP: the chamber vacuum sealer with tracking of internal vacuum

With the new MVS XP line the vacuum inside the package can be traced: it is a new and revolutionary concept for the internal vacuum, an exclusive innovation in the minipack®-torre style.

In fact, some models in the range of chamber vacuum sealers offer the possibility to obtain for each packing operation a label in which the essential information of the machining is printed.

The control panel installed on these machines, at the forefront of the technology of the food industry, is a new concept. The display allows a quick setting of operations thanks to its interactivity and ease of navigation and helps the user to program the technical and assistance interventions.

The whole new line of vacuum packaging machines XP is CE/ETL/NSF Certified.

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technical features

Electrical power supplyV120/230
Dimensions of sealing barsmmMVS45 XP FRONT B. 450 (no. 1 front) MVS45 XP 2 SIDE B. 450 (no. 2 side bars)
Packaging cycle (Vacuum 20%)sec.Vacuum =24 - Air re-immission =8
Vacuum pumpmc/h20
Machine dimensions with the lid openmm544x649x h.750
Machine dimensions with the lid closedmm544x649x h.490
Machine weight (Net/Gross)kg78/87
Available chamber dimensions (Tank+lid)mmMVS45 XP FRONT B. 466x405.5x h.226 MVS45 XP 2 SIDE B. 351x466x h.226

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Technical drawing

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