Trolley vacuum - Sealing bar 450 mm


MVS45LX main

MVS45L X: the simple and functional chamber vacuum sealer with carriage

Maximum simplicity of setting and use, in front of the availability of many technological content and functions of high quality. These are the main features of MVS X chamber vacuum sealers, made with the help of professional chefs who have been able to enrich the equipment with new functions of the latest generation, cut out on the specific needs of professional operators.

These vacuum packaging machines allow to operate up to 10 different programs, customised to the main packaging requirements. The control panel with tactile controls is hermetically sealed on the front of the bodywork, so as to prevent any fluid filtration on the board.

Other features include:

  • Special message that warns of the need for oil change
  • Electronic sensor which, importing data directly from the card, is able to calculate the vacuum realized in the Chamber
  • Possibility of setting the machine to the vacuum on the atmospheric pressure conditions at the different altitudes
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  • Technical features
    • Stainless steel (AISI 304)
    • Vacuum cycle with stop
    • Bag scrap cutting device
    • Quick-coupling aluminium sealing bar
    • Clear plastic lid suitable for use with food
    • Volumetric vacuum sensor
    • PE-HD filling tables
    • 10 customisable programs
    • Self-calibration
    • Sealing bar overload safety device
    • Oil and assistance warning light
    • CE/ETL/NSF certification.
  • Versions

technical features

Electrical power supplyV120/230
Dimensions of sealing barsmmMVS45L XP FRONT B. 450 (no. 1 front) MVS45L XP 2 SIDE B. 450 (no. 2 side bars)
Packaging cycle (Vacuum 20%)sec.Vacuum =24 - Air re-immission =8
Vacuum pumpmc/h20
Work surface heightmm889
Machine dimensions with the lid openmm546x676x h.1200
Machine dimensions with the lid closedmm546x676x h.1012
Machine weight (Net/Gross)kg104/129
Available chamber dimensions (Tank+lid)mmMVS45L XP FRONT B. 466x405.5x h.226 MVS45L XP 2 SIDE B. 351x466x h.226

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Technical drawing

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