The sous vide cooking technique

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A perfect vacuum packaging first of all
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We already knew about the quality of our vacuum machines: we have been producing them for 25 years, taking care of  each  step, from the bodywork manufacturing to the assembling phase, up to the final tests. We always rely upon high profile partners like Bush for the vacuum pumps and Schneider Electric for the electronic and electrical components. Now we also know that our machines are the best ones for the sous vide  cooking technique.
Last week, the well-known Milanese chef, Mr Danilo Angè, renown as culinary consultant and  sous-vide cooking technique expert, showed  the sous-vide cooking  potential to Minipack-torre staff.
The first step of sous-vide cooking is food vacuum packaging. This is the most important phase, indeed, if vacuum packing is not performed in the best way, you cannot obtain a tasteful product after cooking. Mr Angè showed us how you can obtain extraordinary vacuum results, reducing the air inside the vacuum bag almost up to 0% value, with our machines.
Furthermore Mr Angè showed the other Minipack-torre vacuum machines advantages:
• Infusion and Marination programs with which you can enhance food flavor  in a quick and hygienically safe way.
• Liquid time program which allows to  vacuum pack liquids , avoiding their pouring out from the bag, as it may have already occurred to you.
It was an interesting and useful experience and we hope to enjoy it again  with our distributors and  customers soon.



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